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Whether you're renting a truck or trailer, chances are you will need help to load, unload or pack your items.
We're here to help by providing you with affordable and professional moving help.

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Our Moving Services

You can hire professional moving help to make your do-it-yourself move easier. Learn more about the
moving labor services we offer, and how they can save you time and money on your move.

  • Loading

    Loading Services

    Have a rented moving truck, storage container or freight trailer? Hire our licensed and insured movers to load it for you! Whether you just need the heavy furniture loaded, or the entire home, our loading service will save you time and energy.

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  • Unloading

    Unloading Services

    You've reached your new home but you're exhausted. How will you find the energy to unload your items into your new home? It's simple, you don't. Hire licensed and insured movers to unload your rented moving truck, storage container or freight trailer instead. Our movers will put your items in the correct rooms and even provide standard furniture assembly.

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  • Furniture Movement

    Furniture Movement

    Need to move furniture from one room to another in your existing home? Or maybe you're moving between apartments in the same building or complex. No problem, we've got you covered! Hire professional moving help to move furniture, boxes or other household items in your existing home, on your property, or between apartments on the same property.

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  • Packing

    Packing Services

    Packing up your home is a tedious and time consuming process. Hire moving help to pack your boxes for you, freeing up your time so you can focus on more important things. And, if you'd prefer, we can even provide the moving boxes and supplies for you.

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Nationwide Coverage

Nationwide Coverage

From California to New York, or Texas to Minnesota, we're ready to help. Our moving services are available nationwide and cover 97% of the population!

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Truck Rental Discount

Truck Rental Discount

Penske Truck Rental is the preferred truck rental company of Elite Moving Labor. Our customers save 10% on both local and one-way truck rentals. Plus, when you reserve a one-way rental online you will save an additional 10%.

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How it Works

How it Works

Still not sure exactly what moving labor is? Have a few questions? No problem! Watch our short animated video that explains exactly what we do.

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Why Should I Hire Elite Moving Labor?

Licensed & Insured

Our movers are licensed and insured to provide moving help services.

Nationwide Coverage

Our moving services are available nationwide. We cover 97% of the US population.

Live Support

We are a brick and mortar company with real employees ready to answer your questions.


We've been providing moving labor services since 2004, and we service 23,000 customers each year. We are AMLPA Certified and BBB Accredited.

Guaranteed Scheduling

We utilize proprietary software that has been built to eliminate human error. We always arrive as scheduled!

Moving Equipment

We provide moving dollies and standard tools on every move.