Rental Truck Fuel Calculator

Rental trucks are a great way to relocate for both local and long distance moves but you will want to keep an watchful eye on your budget. Although great options for self moves the fact remains that rental trucks have never been synonymous with fuel economy. Ten years ago that may not have mattered, but today fuel prices seem to rise almost daily. So how do you know how much money you should expect to pay for gas? Luckily for you, we have created a nifty rental truck fuel calculator to help. Unlike other rental truck fuel calculators, we take into account the size of the truck, fuel type (regular or diesel) and the varying conditions of truck rentals on the road today. One fuel calculator we tested didn't take into consideration anything aside from the total miles driven, needless to say it is not a very accurate resource.

How to use the Gas Calculator

Our fuel calculator is pretty straight forward, requiring you to enter your origin and destination zip codes, truck size and average price for fuel. While the first three are self explanatory some folks may be wondering how to find the average fuel price. Our goal was to make the calculator as accurate as possible, considering gas prices change daily we had to be able to adjust our formula accordingly. Never less, finding the average price per gallon is pretty simple:

Simple but Less Accurate

If you simply want a ballpark idea of how much gas will cost the we recommend entering the national average gas price. It's quick, easy to find and semi-accurate. You can obtain the average gas prices for both diesel and regular by visiting the AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

More Involved but Very Accurate

The best and most accurate way to average the price per gallon for your entire trip is to utilize gas price data from 3-8 cities along your route. By selecting multiple cities in different states you can guarantee more accurate results the reflect your entire trip. Once you have identified the cities you want to use simply visit GasBuddy and search for the current gas prices in each of these cities. To find the average fuel price you will need to add up the prices from each city and then divide by the number of cities you used the data from. Done! Now you have a very accurate price per gallon to use for the calculation.