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How to Pack & Load a Moving Truck

If you're preparing for a DIY (do-it-yourself) move and have decided not to hire moving labor then you will certainly want to study up on how to pack a moving truck. We have outlined some of the basic fundamental rules that will help you maximize your space, prevent damage and balance the moving truck.

Loading a Moving Truck

  1. Always load the heaviest and largest items first. Place these items against the cab wall (the back of the truck) and load from left to right, floor to ceiling.
  2. You can stack items on top of each other as long as they are comparable size and weight. Never put a heavy item on top of a lighter item and always wrap the furniture with pads or quilts. (Furniture pads are important!)
  3. After completing the first tier (a row from left to right) begin to fill in the small gaps with "fillers". Fillers are non-breakable items that can be shaped to accommodate a space on the truck. Examples include clothes in a bag, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows and similar. If you have the room you can also fill in gaps with some moving boxes. Remember, heavy boxes go towards the bottom and lighter boxes and fragile items towards the top.
  4. Continue to load furniture and boxes into tiers. Remember, load left to right and floor to ceiling.
  5. To save space you should put dresser drawers and filing cabinet drawers back into place. The only time you should not do this is if the item is made of particleboard because it has the potential to break while in transit.
  6. Once you have completed 1/2 - 3/4 of the truck, or whenever the bulk of the large items have been loaded, utilize mattresses and box springs to wall off and secure the tiers. Placing mirrors and paintings between the mattress and box spring is recommended as the safest location. If you have rope available make sure you tie off in front of the mattress and/or box spring to secure.
  7. Always load miscellaneous items, like garage tools, bikes, etc, last. Make sure you tape or shrink wrap bed frame components together because they will shift and fall over as you try to load them.

Movers to Load

Loading a moving truck, POD or trailer is not an easy task. Read about our loading services and how hiring moving help can save you time and money.

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