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Reusable Plastic Bins for Local Moves

How to use plastic bins and boxes for your local move

Let's face it, moving sucks. But if you're moving locally in Florida, Arizona or Georgia the moving process may have just gotten easier. Instead of purchasing moving supplies and boxes at your local U-Haul or self storage location you now have the option to rent plastic moving containers directly from BungoBox. The company provides stackable containers that can be rented for a week or more, no tape or transportation required. Instead BungoBox delivers and picks up their containers free of charge alleviating the headache of trying to fit them into your car. Better yet, because their containers are reusable you can feel good about not creating more waste for the environment. BungoBoxes rent for a quarter a day, so you can pack up a two-bedroom apartment for less than $80 on a one-week minimum.

Renting plastic moving containers is a growing trend in the United States and BungoBox anticipates becoming available in several additional markets soon. You can currently rent their containers in the following markets:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida (Central FL)
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida (West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (Maricopa County)

For more information or to rent your plastic moving containers visit the BungoBox website.