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Safely Moving and Securing Items in ABF U-Pack

ABF U-Pack Moving Trailer

ABF U-Pack is a very common choice for customers who want the affordable and flexible benefits of do-it-yourself moving but don't want to deal with driving the rental truck. It's because ABF trailers are so common that we wanted to put together this brief blog about ways to secure your load to avoid damage and shifting. Although we like many things about ABF U-Pack, one thing we do not like is that the trucks are not air ride equipped but instead spring ride. This basically means that their trucks are designed to carry freight, not necessarily household goods, whereas 'You Load, We Drive' companies like Broadway Express are specifically setup for household goods. So what does all of this mean? It means that while ABF U-Pack is an affordable and viable option for many people it is not the best solution for those with high end furniture or for people relocating a great distance due to the probability of damage occurring.

The best way to ensure that your household goods are secure is to utilize ratchet straps. Unlike rope, ratchet straps can be winched tight and have a much greater weight capacity, some as high as 3000 pounds. Although any type of ratchet strap will be beneficial, E-Track straps are the best for ABF trailers. These straps have a special etrack fitting so the straps lock into the side of the trailer and are recommended by nearly all of our moving crews. Ratchet straps for your ABF trailer are relatively cheap, around $20 for a pack of four, and they can be purchased from most home improvement stores. We recommend between 4-6 straps for a full 28' ABF trailer, less of course if you will be using less space. [Related: What size and type rope or tie downs do I need?]

Furniture pads are also very important to the successful load of your household items. Read more about the importance of furniture pads for self moving.

By providing our movers with ratchet straps and furniture padding on your moving day you will greatly reduce the probability of damage during transit. Get more information about hiring our movers to load or unload your ABF trailer.