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General Questions

How does your service work?

The best way to think about our company is that we are movers without the truck. We provide professional movers nationwide to physically pack and/or move your household items, usually loading or unloading those items into a truck or storage unit that you provide. Learn more about the moving services we provide: How it Works | What is moving labor?

In addition to loading and unloading we also provide packing and furniture moving services. Learn more about our moving services.

Who are the movers?

Our movers are actual moving professionals that are licensed and insured. We never staff day labor or unskilled workers. Our movers can be divided into three categories:

Employees: Movers that are directly employed by Elite Moving Labor.

Brand License Locations: An independently owned moving company that licenses our brand name. These locations are similar to franchises.

Independent Moving Companies (Suppliers): A moving company that is under contract with us to provide moving services. An approved Supplier must complete and pass a rigorous application process and meet our stringent criteria. We have a long standing relationship with our Suppliers and continually monitor customer satisfaction through a variety of performance metrics. Learn more about our moving suppliers.

Our operations team is responsible for staffing every move and will ultimately determine which classification of mover to staff. Rest assured that all of our movers abide by our universal policies and rates.

Can I load in one state and unload in another?

Of course! We provide moving help to 97% of the U.S. population and service most regions around the country. You can request a moving quote for your locations by contacting Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 or submitting an online quote request. You may also view a current list of our extensive nationwide service areas.

How much does moving labor cost?

Please request a quote for your move by contacting Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 or by completing our online quote request process.

Do you provide moving help nationwide?

We sure do! At this time we service 97% of the U.S. population, including every major metropolitan, most secondary markets and many tertiary (small) markets. To learn more about the areas we service contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303, submit a quote request or view a current list of our service areas.

Do you provide moving services on weekends and holidays?

Moving labor can be scheduled on both Saturday and Sunday at no additional charge. Weekend dates, especially at the beginning and end of each month, tend to book up faster than other dates. We recommend providing as much advance notice as possible for weekend reservations.

We operate a normal or slightly modified schedule on most holidays, however, we do not provide services on Christmas Day or Thanksgiving Day. We recommend contacting Customer Support to discuss availability if you are planning to move on a holiday.

How far in advance do I need to reserve service?

Short Answer: Reservations can be made months in advance or on the same day services are needed. However, since reservations are based on availability, we strongly recommend as much notice as possible.

Long Answer: Typically we recommend a minimum of 7 days notice, however, the amount of notice required often varies depending on when the move will take place (e.g. Summer or Winter) and the flexibility of the customer. There are times where we can provide service with just 24-48 hours notice and others where we would need 5-10 days. You should always provide as much notice as possible, especially if you have specific time limitations (e.g. such as a reserved elevator) or if your move date falls at the end/beginning of the month. You will also want to take the busy season into consideration. The beginning/end of May, June, July and August tend to be the most demanded moving dates and will require advance notice.

How are you different from traditional moving companies?

While we are very similar to traditional moving companies in many ways, there is one major difference - we do not provide a moving truck, storage or transportation. Instead, we specialize in providing licensed and insured movers to physically and professionally load or unload household goods from your rental truck, portable storage container, trailer or other moving vehicle. Learn more about the moving services we provide by watching our "How it Works" animated video or continue reading "How is Moving Labor Different from Full Service Moving".

Why would I need movers without the truck?

You might be surprised to learn that there are many different services that require movers, but not a moving truck. If you are relocating and have decided to complete a do-it-yourself move, you may need help to pack boxes and move furniture. Whether you need assistance with packing boxes or loading and unloading your moving vehicle, Elite Moving Labor can provide professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you.

Our moving services can also be helpful in a variety of other situations, even if you are not moving. We can move furniture within your existing home if you are renovating, having flooring/carpet installed, staging or reorganizing. Moving between apartments in the same building or complex? We can help with that too!

Take a moment to learn more about the different moving labor services we provide. Feel free to contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 if you have any questions.

Can you help me choose a transportation provider?

Absolutely! Self moving (i.e. do-it-yourself relocation) is our passion and we love to provide helpful information. If you are unfamiliar with the options available for your moving situation (e.g. local or long distance move) you will first want to visit our moving services section. Here we provide helpful guides to common self moving situations, notably the different transport and storage options available to you. If you have already decided how you plan on transporting or storing your items but have not yet selected a specific company you will want to visit our estimates section. Here we list brand name specific information, comparisons and discounts. You can also read through our blog for additional moving tips and guides.

Can you tell me what size moving truck I should rent?

We are not able to make specific truck size recommendations, however, choosing a rental truck size is not as difficult as it may seem. We have several resources available to help guide you through the process. Begin by reading our helpful rental truck size guide as well as our moving blog, "What Size Rental Truck do I Need?". When in doubt you should ask your specific moving truck rental company to make a recommendation for you.

How do I know the movers will show up?

Sadly, reliability is not a characteristic often associated with moving companies. Fortunately, Elite Moving Labor is not your typical moving company and reliability is our highest priority. When you schedule moving services with us you can eliminate at least some of the uncertainty and stress associated with moving day. Let's take a look at the steps we take to ensure that your movers arrive as scheduled on moving day.

Our proprietary software is built specifically for the moving labor industry and is designed to eliminate human error. We do this by incorporating several different stages of confirmations before every scheduled move, as well as intelligently designed failsafes to catch issues well before they become problems.

Movers with Integrity
We have incredibly stringent qualification criteria and approve or hire only the highest caliber individuals and moving companies. That doesn't just mean friendly, polite and clean cut - it also means that our movers have strong ethics, morals and an exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction.

Local Contacts
Our Customer Support Coordinators are available for you during normal business hours, but what about after hours? As a preventive measure our system will automatically generate a local contact notification email to you 72 hours before your scheduled move date. This will allow you to make contact with your assigned movers if you have a question or change outside of our normal office hours.

Will I receive contact information for the scheduled movers?

Absolutely. Our system will automatically generate a local contact notification email to you 72 hours before your scheduled move date. This email will contain the name and phone number of your primary and, if applicable, secondary local contact. You should still contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 for questions or changes to your services during normal business hours, however, you may contact the local movers directly if an issue arises outside of those times.

If you have multiple reservations scheduled you will receive a separate email for each one.

What is the inclement weather policy?

Everyone hopes for good weather conditions on their moving day, unfortunately inclement weather is always a possibility. We currently have two variations to our weather policy, both have been outlined below.

Less than Ideal Weather: For situations that are not considered severe, such as rain, the customer has the option to reschedule their move. It is important to take into account the potential for damage to the home and/or household items as a result of moving in bad weather. Please remember that reschedules are based on availability and we cannot guarantee service will be available on the following day. Additionally, reschedule requests must still be made within a reasonable time period to avoid being charged a 'No Show Fee'. If you believe that inclement weather is a possibility on your move day we recommend rescheduling at least one day prior to your scheduled date to avoid additional fees.

Severe Weather: In more severe situations, such lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes and tropical storms, the decision to reschedule a move is at the discretion of our local project manager. We have no desire to inconvenience anyone, but if the weather is severe enough to create dangerous conditions (e.g. slip and fall, lightning, etc) then it is not reasonable to move, even at the customers request. In severe weather situations we will work quickly to reschedule every move based on availability and the customers preferences.

What if I am making the reservation but will not be on site?

This is a common situation and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. When scheduling service please make your representative aware of the situation. If you have already scheduled service please contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 or complete our contact form.

Do you have any deals or special promotions?

Yes! For our everyday, regional and partner promotions visit our discounts section.

Do you charge travel fees?

We do our best to avoid travel fees whenever possible, however, there are some locations that we cannot service without one. If a travel charge is required you can trust that the following criteria will be met:

  • The price will be fair and affordable
  • You will be notified before scheduling service
  • The amount agreed to will not change after service has been scheduled

Travel charges are most often added when a location is outside of a metropolitan area, typically requiring the movers to drive more than 20 miles each way. A travel charge or surcharge may also be added when the location has a high likelihood of traffic, tolls or parking expenses, such as the Washington D.C. area and the San Francisco Bay area. These areas may require a fee to offset toll costs or the extensive amount of time the movers will have to sit in traffic to reach your location. Travel charge requirements are calculated by our software and are based on your zip code, not your physical address.

You can find out if a travel fee is required for your location by contacting Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 or by requesting a quote.

Booking online or ordering service after hours? Rest assured that if your service request requires a travel fee we will not process your order until we have your approval. If you do not approve of the charge you will incur no costs or fees.

How do minimum time requirements work?

Most moving companies have, at the very least, a 2-Hour minimum time requirement to schedule service. A minimum time requirement is established primarily because it would not be cost effective to provide service for less than the minimum time. Additionally, an established minimum allows us to more efficiently schedule service and ensure that our movers arrive on time for your move.

We currently offer both a 2-Hour and 3-Hour minimum option for our moving labor packages. We highly recommend choosing the 3-Hour minimum package if you believe your move will take three hours or more to complete as the per man/per hour rate is lower for all 3-Hour minimum packages.

Although rare, some situations may not be eligible for our 2-Hour minimum options. This is most common for locations that require significant travel time or on certain peak dates due to limited availability. If you would like to inquire about potential travel charges and minimum time restrictions for your location please request a quote or contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303.

When does the billable time start?

The clock begins when we arrive at your location and ends when we complete the move. Unlike most moving companies, we do not consider drive time billable. Customers in outlying areas may be assessed a travel charge (as discussed above), but billing will still begin when we arrive at your location.

Moves that require multiple stops as part of the same order, such as local moves, will be billed for all time from the origin to destination. For example, if we load a moving truck in Washington DC and then unload the truck in Fairfax, VA the billable time would include the drive time from DC to VA. Billing would begin on arrival at your first location and end when the unload is complete at your destination.

How do I pack an LCD, Plasma or other flat screen TV?

Whenever possible, it is in your best interest to use the original box and materials that your TV came with. When that is not possible, your safest bet is to have the TV crated or to purchase a flat screen TV box.

A flat screen TV box typically costs between $30-$50, depending on the size. Our online supply store currently has three different sizes of flat screen TV boxes and each purchase includes free shipping!

Another option to consider is transporting the flat screen TV in your personal vehicle. If you are using a rental truck and towing your car, the back seat is an ideal place for most flat screen TV's.

There are insurance and liability restrictions on flat panel televisions if they are not prepared correctly. Please take a moment to review "Your Rights and Responsibilities".

How do the start times work and are the movers ever late?

Many factors, including your location, availability on your requested date, crew size and type of move play into what times are available for scheduling. When placing an order we will establish a two hour arrival window for our operations team to work with. Based on your specific needs we can generally establish a preferred time within that window.

Our movers operate daily beginning with the first available arrival window of 7am-9am and continuing in one hour increments (e.g. 8am-10am, 9am-11am, etc) until the final arrival window of 5pm-7pm. If necessary we may be able to accommodate a start time later than the 5pm-7pm arrival window, however, we review these requests on a case by case basis. Availability for late afternoon and evening start times will vary by the time of year due to sunlight. During the summer months we may be able to begin your move after 6:00pm while during the winter months the final slot may be reduced to 4pm-6pm.

As we have already reviewed, we will always make every effort possible to be to every scheduled move at or before the scheduled start time. Due to the nature of the moving business and the considerable amount of opportunities for delay we can never guarantee any specific start time. Weather, traffic, previous orders on the same day and customer readiness are just a few of the many variables that can create delays. Similar to airline's, once a delay occurs it generally ripples through the schedule and ultimately will impact several moves. We do guarantee that if we are going to be late we will be in contact to communicate the delay, the reason for the delay and provide an anticipated arrival time.

What if I have a reserved elevator or other time constraint?

If you have a specific time constraint, such as a reserved elevator or a live load, we will make every effort to accommodate the request by establishing a firm start time or a reduced arrival window. During the quoting or reservation process please make your representative aware of your situation. The representative is required to go through an approval process before a firm start time or reduced arrival window can be authorized.

In many cases when an elevator is required to be reserved the building will also request a certificate of insurance (COI) from the movers. It is important to determine if your building requires a COI before scheduling your move. Learn more by reading our certifiate of insurance FAQ.

For more information about scheduling movers with a firm or reduced start time please contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303.

Do I need a parking permit for my rental truck, portable storage unit or freight truck?

There are many jurisdictions around the country that require parking permits for rental trucks, storage containers and freight trailers. Unfortunately many of these cities and counties do not provide enough information on the requirements of these permits, however that still does not exempt you from getting one if it is required.

When available we do make an effort to provide information about local permit policies on our blog as well as local city pages. San Francisco for example, does require a permit for moving vans and storage containers. Many cities in Northern Virginia as well as Washington D.C. also require permits. Permits are issued by local municipalities and the need for one varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction; when in doubt always check with your city or county for more information.

My building requires a certificate of insurance, how do I request one?

If you are moving within a high rise building your property manager may require moving companies to provide a certificate of insurance. This is typically referred to as a COI request and is most common in the New York City area. We recommend that you determine if a COI is required before scheduling your moving help.

If your building DOES require a COI you will want to follow these steps:

Step 1 - COI Request: Buildings that require a COI usually have a sample document which outlines what they require. This document includes the exact wording for the 'Additional Insured' area as well as the name and contact information of the primary building contact. We cannot process a COI request without this information. COI requests should be faxed to (888) 901-4464 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Step 2 - Sufficient Notice: COI requests must be processed by the insurance company before being sent to your building, this process can take time. To ensure we have ample time to accommodate your request before your move date, we require a minimum of five (5) business days notice. If sufficient notice cannot be provided, we will make every attempt to complete the request but we cannot guarantee that your building will receive the COI before your move date.

Step 3 - Cost: Insurance companies assess a fee to name an 'Additional Insured' on our policy. The fee for this request varies by location and is assessed per additional insured. To determine the fee for an 'Additional Insured' COI request in your area please contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303.

A fee is only required to name an 'Additional Insured' on our policy. Any customer with a booked move may request our proof of insurance prior to their scheduled moving date at no additional cost.

What if I need help at multiple (local) locations?

This FAQ is intended for individuals who will require moving assistance at multiple locations in the same local area.

If you are moving long distance and require loading in one city and unloading in another you will simply create two orders, one for each location.

Let's assume that you are arriving in Washington D.C. and need movers to unload your truck. Instead of unloading at one location you will need to unload in two locations, first at your home and then at your storage unit. There is no additional fee for this service, we simply meet you at the first unload location (origin) and then follow you to the second stop (destination) and complete the unload. If you are ordering online please be sure to enter the origin location first, you may then provide details about the additional stop in the "Special Instructions" box.

There is no limit to the number of additional stops as long as they are in the same local area, usually no more than 25 miles apart. If you require assistance at multiple locations greater than 25 miles apart but still in the local area you may be assessed a small fuel charge.

How do I reserve more than the minimum hours?

It's safe to assume that most customers will need additional time beyond the minimum hours. Instead of forcing you to decide ahead of time if additional hours are needed, we allot a certain amount of time based on the details you have provided us with. It is important to remember that you are not required to use any additional hours unless you need them, regardless of how much time we allot internally. For example, if you hired our 2 Mover / 3-Hour Minimum service to load a 26' truck we would normally estimate five hours for a full truck load.

Peak Season Notice: Although we can typically provide additional hours for most moves, there are times when we are limited to the minimum hours. This typically occurs in the peak moving season (April - September) when each moving crew has a full schedule of moves to complete. You can avoid this issue by providing us with the most accurate information available about your move, including the home type, access conditions and truck/unit size. By providing us with accurate moving details we can recommend an appropriate moving package and schedule the movers accordingly. We strongly encourage all of our customers to consider the package recommendations given by our staff.

Can I schedule more than 4-Movers?

Absolutely. There are many situations where a greater number of movers may be required. The most common scenarios include large construction or remodeling projects, tenant evictions, government or large company moves and special events. Pricing for these services varies based on several factors, including the number of movers required, minimum hours commitment, scope of work, etc. To discuss your moving needs and receive pricing contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 or submit a quote request online.

If you submit a quote request online for a move requiring more than 4 Movers, please choose the "Everything Else" option on the first page of the quote process.

Are you affiliated with U-Haul®?

While we do provide loading and unloading services for U-Haul® moving trucks, we are not in any way affiliated with their Moving Help® marketplace. It's important to note that there are many moving companies and/or individuals that advertise or promote moving labor services under a similar company name. For example, "Elite Moving" and "Elite Movers" are similar names that have no affiliation with us. A company may use the word "Elite" in their name but this does not mean they are affiliated with Elite Moving Labor. We only advertise our company as Elite Moving Labor, never a variation. At this time Elite Moving Labor only offers moving services through our websites or by contacting Customer Support.

Did you know that many of the listings for moving labor on the U-Haul® website are by individuals, not actual moving companies? If you're looking for real moving labor professionals, that are licensed and insured, we recommend requesting a quote from us. [6 Questions to Ask Your Moving Labor Company] [10 Reasons to Choose Elite]

Do you provide lumpers for moving companies?

We commonly receive requests from full service moving companies and van lines that need moving help to assist their driver. While we can provide you with licensed and insured moving help, we do not provide lumper services or 'cash labor'.

Can I review my movers?

Absolutely! We encourage every customer to submit a review regarding their unique moving experience. By reviewing your movers you will provide valuable feedback to the moving company as well as to the public.

You will receive an email invitation to review your movers 48 hours after your move date. You will receive one invitation for every reservation. You will have up to 30 days to submit your review and, if necessary, 14 days to edit your previously submitted review.

You can read more about our content guidelines by viewing our review submission policy.

Can you provide moving services on a military base?

Absolutely we can! Our service area covers the majority of the U.S. and many of the military bases as well. Because military bases are secure installations it is important that you take the following steps:

  1. Inform us that your move is on a military base so we can take appropriate steps when scheduling
  2. Notify us of any specific instructions that will be necessary for the movers to gain entry. For example, what gate to enter through
  3. Review the entry requirements for your specific base. If your base has any unusual or unique requirements you should notify us immediately
  4. If your base requires you to sponsor the movers to gain entry you should make the appropriate arrangements prior to your move date

Service Questions

Will the movers pad and wrap my furniture?

Absolutely! Padding and wrapping furniture is a very important part of loading process, we provide this service at no additional cost to you.

Note: While the labor for padding and wrapping service is included in your pricing, the consumable items, such as furniture pads and packing materials, are not. Please view the topic FAQ for more information.

What moving equipment is provided?

All of our moving teams come prepared with the equipment listed below. (View an image of the equipment listed.)

  • Moving Dollies: (1) movers dolly and (1) floor dolly. NOTE: We do not provide an appliance dolly.
  • Standard tools for assembly and disassembly. We define standard tools as screwdrivers and allen wrenches, the most commonly used tools on a move. The movers may have additional tools as well, however, they are only required to provide standard tools.
For a more in-depth look at this topic please review our moving guide, "What Supplies or Equipment Should I Provide for my Self Move?"

Who is responsible for furniture pads?

It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain furniture padding. Many truck rental, portable storage and 'You Load, We Drive' freight companies have furniture blanket rental options available. If your rental truck or portable storage container company does not rent furniture pads, we recommend that you review our furniture protection moving guide for additional options.

Are packing materials and furniture protection included in the pricing?

Consumable items are not included in our prices, however, we can provide them for you at an additional cost (See Materials Pricing). The most commonly requested consumable items for a do-it-yourself move are:

  • Furniture pads, quilts or blankets
  • Tie downs or rope
  • Shrink wrap/stretch wrap
  • Moving boxes and packing materials
Please remember that the service of padding and wrapping your items is something that our movers are happy to provide, at no extra charge, as this service is included in your moving cost. [Topic FAQ]

Do I need rope or tie downs?

When loading a rented moving truck, storage container or trailer it's a good idea to have rope and/or tie downs available for your moving help. The type of rope or tie down depends on the type of truck, trailer or container you are using. Take a moment to review our handy moving guide which outlines the recommended types of rope and tie downs for popular transportation companies.

How can I purchase packing materials?

When it comes to purchasing packing materials, boxes and furniture protection, you have three primary options:

  1. Purchase your own packing materials and supplies
  2. Purchase packing materials from us directly
  3. Buy packing materials from our online supply store. Free shipping is included

Learn more about all three options, including pricing, by visiting our moving supply section.

Do you assemble/dis-assemble furniture?

Standard tools are provided on every site for basic assembly and disassembly. The most common items we assemble/disassemble are beds, mirrors from dressers and legs from dining room tables. Our movers can provide this service for basic household items, however, if an item requires special knowledge or special tools we cannot service it. Please note that we provide assembly/disassembly services as a courtesy, our movers are not specially trained for advanced assembly/disassembly and may not be able to provide this service for all items.

We are unable to assemble any item(s) that are new in box. It is recommended that you consult with a company that specializes in assembly services for these items.

Due to liability concerns we cannot provide assembly or disassembly for baby cribs, water beds, tanning beds, gas appliances, pool tables or pianos. Additionally, we cannot wall mount flat screen TV's or remove TV's from the wall mount. If you have questions about a specific furniture item please contact us.

My storage or freight company has given me a delivery window, how do I coordinate with the movers?

This is an incredibly common situation and the approach varies by the transportation provider. The general rule of thumb is to always schedule conservatively. If you know the date of delivery but are unsure of the time you should schedule our movers for the mid-late afternoon or, if your situation allows, the following day. Never assume that your storage container or freight trailer will be delivered within the time window they quoted and always add a buffer between their expected delivery and when you schedule our movers.

Portable Storage Container: Most portable storage container companies will provide you with an accurate date for delivery but will likely provide you with a four hour window, the most common is 8am-12pm. In this situation your best scheduling option for our moving services is our 1pm-3pm arrival window. Although less common, some customers may be given an 8am-5pm delivery window. In this situation you should schedule our movers for the following day.

'You Load, We Drive' Trucks: These services are typically much more difficult to accurately estimate delivery. Whenever possible you should obtain the contact information for the driver of your truck or trailer. The driver is the most accurate and reliable source of information. If you are using ABF U-Pack there are a couple or core rules to remember: Delivery timeframes are normally 3-5 days depending on the distance and they do not count the day the trailer is picked up, weekends or holidays.

It is important to remember that, when scheduling, it is far more effective to schedule our movers for a date/time after you expect your truck or trailer. In the event that your shipment is delayed we will do our best to reschedule your moving services to accommodate, however, reschedule requests are based on availability. For more information please review our reschedule policy.

What is considered a "local" move and can I use the same crew for both the load and unload?

A local move is generally defined as the same city or metropolitan area. When moving locally you may continue to use the same crew from beginning to end, the drive time from the origin to destination will be billed as part of the move.

What if I am moving in the same regional area, but not locally, on the same day?

If you're not moving locally within the same metropolitan area but are moving within the same region, approximately 100-350 miles, you may arrange services for the same day. To do this we will schedule moving labor to load for a morning start and the unload for a late afternoon start. We will then create a system task to have the unload area manager contact you 3-5 hours before your expected arrival to confirm if you are on schedule. If not, the start time will be adjusted around your new arrival time and the availability for that afternoon.

Can I help the movers load or unload?

The quick and easy answer is yes. However, numerous factors play into whether or not it is a good idea for customers to help with the moving process. The majority of the time the customer may interfere with the process and the move will take longer. It is recommended that you speak with your site supervisor about actively participating.

When unloading do the movers place my items in the correct rooms?

Absolutely! This question has always baffled us, isn't that one of the main reasons you hired movers in the first place? When we provide unload services we will place your household items in their designated rooms.

Do you load and unload international shipping containers?

We do provide loading and unloading services for international shipping containers. Visit our international container section for policies, FAQ's and helpful tips specific to these containers.

Billing and Payment Questions

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not. We believe in honest, up-front pricing with no surprises. Our quoted rates include all required labor charges and fees such as taxes, travel and surcharges. We do not have any fees for stairs, long carries, elevators or similar. Learn more about pricing for our moving services or request a free quote.

Consumable items and supplies, such as moving boxes, are not included in our pricing. We can provide these items for you at your request for an additional charge. View our moving supply pricing for more information.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and cash. Our moving teams carry credit card authorizations on their work orders so you can pay with a credit card at the completion of your move or you can complete our Pre Order Authorization for billing security. Your deposit amount at the time of booking must be paid for with a credit card.

Check acceptance varies by location, notably due to local and state laws. If you would like to complete your balance payment by check please confirm the local acceptance policy with your project manager before your move date.

What are the details of the Pre-Authorization billing program?

You have the option to pay your balance due at the completion of your move by credit card or cash. For credit card payments the credit card must physically be on site and available to the movers, this is necessary for your security and fraud prevention. In the event that the credit card will not be physically available, you may elect to complete our Pre-Authorization (PA) billing document prior to your move. The PA is also helpful if the balance is being billed to someone different than the customer, such as a relative or employer.

Pre-Authorization Document

A 3.2% credit card processing fee will be added to the final balance when a Pre-Authorization is used.


New York City

Due to the rising costs associated with servicing the five NYC boroughs we have instituted a mandatory service charge of $25. It has been established to help offset the rising costs of tolls and parking that our movers must pay for. This fee is in addition to our standard moving labor pricing and will affect customers in Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. For information about pricing and services in New York City please review our New York City details.

Downtown Chicago, IL

A $25 surcharge will apply to most zip codes in the downtown Chicago area. This surcharge has been established to help offset the high cost of parking that our movers must pay for when servicing this area. This fee is in addition to our standard moving labor pricing. To determine if the surcharge applies to your location please request a quote.

Grand Junction, CO

A $50 surcharge will apply to any location within 50 miles of Grand Junction, Colorado. This fee has been established to better match our pricing with the standards of the local area. Learn more about pricing and services in Grand Junction.

Greenville-Spartanburg, SC

A $40 surcharge will apply to any location being serviced in the Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina region. This fee has been established to better match our pricing with the standards of the local area. Learn more about pricing and services in Greenville-Spartanburg.


What are your cancellation and reschedule policies?

Cancellation and reschedule requests should be made by contacting Customer Support at (888) 354-8303. You may also contact us for additional contact methods and our hours of operation.

If you need to cancel your reservation, but plan to reschedule for an unknown date in the future, please review our flexible, no fee option, "Pending Reservations" below.

Standard Cancellation: A $50.00 (per reservation) cancellation fee will be charged in the event that you need to cancel your reservation. The cancellation fee applies to all canceled reservations, regardless of how much advanced notice you provide. Any cancellation request received less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled service is subject to a $150.00 (per reservation) No Show Fee, in addition to the $50.00 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be subtracted from your original deposit amount and the remaining balance, if any, will be refunded to your credit card.

Reschedules: We will gladly reschedule your reservation at your request. There are no fees to reschedule provided that you give us at least 24 hours notice. Reschedule requests received less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled service are subject to a $150.00 (per reservation) No Show Fee. Please note that our ability to accommodate your reschedule request is subject to time and date availability.

Pending Reservations: If your situation has changed, and you are no longer sure of your moving dates or destination, we offer pending status as a no fee alternative to canceling your reservation. Pending reservations are simply removed from the active schedule, allowing them to be rescheduled at a later date. You may keep your reservation in pending status for up to one year. Although you may take advantage of our pending reservation option at no additional charge, you are still required to provide us with at least 24 hours notice prior to your originally scheduled service, otherwise your reservation is subject to a $150.00 No Show Fee.

Additionally, in an effort to accommodate the uncertainty of the relocation process, we allow your pending reservation to be applied to any location that we service. For example, if your moving services were originally scheduled in Richmond, Virginia, but you end up moving to Houston, Texas, your pending reservation can still be used.

Keep in mind that your pending reservation will be treated like a reschedule once your moving date is known. Our ability to accommodate reschedules are based on date and time availability, so we recommend providing as much notice as possible.

What is your short notice/last minute policy?

Our goal is to provide professional moving help services to all of our customers, regardless of when services are scheduled. We do not have an additional surcharge for short notice moves, however, we request as much notice as possible. If your requested service date is within 48 hours it is recommended that you contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303.

To help avoid the need for movers at the last minute check out our short notice moving tips.

What is your piano policy?

We have no additional fees to move pianos, however, we do have crew size requirements and restrictions. Please ensure that you select the appropriate crew size based on your type of piano.

Electric Piano: Most electric pianos are smaller and weigh less than traditional pianos, therefore we usually do not require a 3-Man Crew to move them. However, if the electric piano exceeds 250lbs or must be moved down multiple flights of stairs the upright piano policy (detailed below) would apply.

Standard Upright/Spinet/Console: Although heavy, a small upright piano generally does not weigh more than 350lbs. For these pianos we require a minimum of 3 Movers and allow up to 2 entry steps. However, if more than 2 steps/stairs are involved we require a minimum of 4 Movers.

Over-Sized Upright Piano: Larger versions of upright pianos, generally referred to as "over-sized", require 4 Movers for ground floor movement. If stairs are involved please contact us so we can assess your specific situation.

The best way to determine if you have a standard upright piano or over-sized is to measure the height. If your piano height measures 43" or less you have a standard upright.

Baby Grand and Grand Pianos: We do not currently move these types of pianos. It is recommended that you hire a piano moving company that specializes in baby grand and grand piano movement.

What are the details of your insurance?

We have created an in depth review of the coverage provided by our company called "Your Rights and Responsibilities". We highly recommend reviewing this segment in its entirety.

Will the movers drive my rental truck?

If you are moving locally (within the same city or metropolitan area), we can drive your rental truck for no additional charge. However, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Customer must purchase the liability and physical damage coverage from the truck rental provider.
  2. Our mover must be added to the contract as an authorized driver. This means that our movers must meet you at the truck rental location.

The requirements outlined are necessary to ensure that the insurance waivers are valid. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in your purchased coverage becoming invalid.

It is important to note that the billable time for your move does begin on our arrival at the truck rental location. If you need a driver for your local move please let us know ahead of time so we can staff the order correctly.

What if I have heavy items?

We are happy to move items categorized as heavy in conjunction with our heavy items policy, as described below.

What determines if an item is "heavy"?
For the majority of moves we consider an individual item as heavy when the weight exceeds 250 pounds. While weight is a primary consideration, other factors, such as the dimensions and access conditions, are also factors. For example, an armoire may weigh less than 250 pounds, but if its dimensions are bulky and awkward we may categorize it as heavy to ensure it can be moved safely.

We have a separate heavy items policy for some customers using an international shipping container. Please review our heavy items policy specifically for international containers.

What are the requirements to move heavy items?
250 - 400 pounds: We require a minimum of three movers when an individual item is within this weight threshold.
400 - 600 pounds: We require a minimum of four movers when an individual item is within this weight threshold.

The weight thresholds detailed above are our base guidelines. Our staff may consider additional factors, such as the dimensions and access conditions, before approving the movement of certain items. Based on these unique factors we may modify our requirements to ensure the safety of the movers and your property. We recommend that you submit a quote request or contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 to inquire about your heavy items.

How do I know if my items are heavy?

There are several items that are almost always over 250lbs, such as pianos, pool tables, gun safes and side-by-side refrigerators. However, there are many other furniture items that can easily exceed 250lbs. Furniture made of dense wood, such as oak and maple, can make almost any piece of furniture heavy. Newer items, with the exception of washers and dryers, tend to be lighter than their outdated counterparts. For example, flat screen TV's are much lighter than traditional tube and projection televisions.

Other items that are typically considered heavy include gym equipment, over-sized armoires, executive desks, marble top furniture and granite top furniture. When in doubt we highly recommend researching the weight by the item model number or manufacturer. If you cannot determine the weight we recommend opting for a 3 or 4 movers. A larger crew will prevent delays on your move date if the item is not movable by two movers and will ensure that your items are moved safely and without damage.

Do you provide washer and dryer hookup and are there any limitations?

We can connect/disconnect electric washers and dryers. We cannot connect/disconnect any gas appliances. You should contact your utility company to arrange for assistance with gas appliances.

Front load washing machines must have four transit bolts which came with the appliance, these bolts are necessary for proper movement and transit. Take a look at a front load washer with the transit bolts installed.

Can I keep clothes in my dresser drawers?

Yes, you can leave your clothes in your dresser drawers to conserve space. Depending on the weight and stability of the dresser it may be necessary to remove the drawers before moving the dresser and then replace them once the dresser is on the truck or storage unit.

What if my truck breaks down or my truck/unit doesn't arrive on time?

From time to time we see issues with truck rentals breaking down, freight trucks being delayed or storage units not being delivered on time. There are many variables that go into how we handle these situations, the most important is when you notify us. If you provide notification within a reasonable time period (generally five hours or more), then we will simply reschedule the order (See our Reschedule Policy).

If notification of the breakdown or delay is received after the crew has been dispatched the customer is still responsible for the No Show Fee in addition to the cancellation fee, assuming the order is not rescheduled.

We understand that the delay may be completely out of your control however we still must pay our movers for these scheduled orders. You may want to inquire with the transportation company about reimbursement for the fees charged if the delay was solely their fault.

Can I reserve one mover?

Due to insurance limitations we cannot staff a single mover. At this time the smallest crew size we offer is two movers.

What if I have items in my attic?

This depends on whether or not you have a finished or unfinished attic space.

Finished Attic: If your attic is actually a finished room with easy access, like a loft, then absolutely we can. We treat a finished attic the same as any other room in the home.

Unfinished Attic: If your attic is unfinished then it most likely does not have any flooring and is difficult to access, usually from a pull down ladder. These attics make moving extremely difficult and unsafe, both for our movers and for your property. It is because of this that we do not move items in/out of an unfinished attic space.

Online Quote Requests

Do you provide a visual survey before issuing a quote?

No, this is typically not necessary for moving labor services. A visual survey is most commonly provided by a full service moving company before issuing a quote for a long distance move. A visual survey is completed in these situations to help the estimator gather necessary information for the quote, notably the weight of the shipment.

Because Elite Moving Labor does not engage in transporting and does not provide the moving truck it is not necessary for us to inspect the premises first. Additionally, our services are billed hourly whereas full service movers may be required to quote a flat rate for a long distance move.

Online Reservations

When I place my order online, how much is charged?

Based on the package(s) you selected a deposit will be required. Deposit amounts vary based on your selections, but are normally between $49.00 and $150.00 per reservation. The required deposit amount will be populated by the system when you reach the billing screen. Deposits are applied to your total package price, and you will receive a confirmation email once your request has been confirmed. Your confirmation email will include a summary of your moving details as well as a rate breakdown. If you have any questions about this process please contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303.

How do I use promotional codes when booking online?

To use a promotional code simply enter the applicable code in the "Billing" section marked "Promotional Code". Our system will not automatically recognize discount codes but it will be verified before processing your order and applied to your rate.

Some of our promotional codes apply to very specific geographic regions, please make sure that the code you use is applicable to your service area.

When is my card charged?

Our current online order form is not a live transaction, this means that your card is not charged when you submit your order. Upon receipt of your order we will verify crew availability and if your location requires a travel fee. In most cases we will have a crew available and you will not be required to pay a travel fee. When this occurs we will then charge your card for the deposit amount, process your order and provide you with a confirmation email.

If we do not have availability for your requested date/time or if your order requires a travel fee, we will contact you immediately to provide you with this information. If a travel fee is required your approval will be required before processing your order. In the event that we cannot accommodate your availability request or you do not approve of the travel charge your card will not be charged and you will not incur any fees.

What if I do not know some of the required information?

If you are missing items that are required by our online form simply enter the word "Unknown" and continue with the form. Some fields will require numeric entries (e.g. Zip Code), for those entries you can enter "0".

Please note in the comments section why you have skipped the required data and when you will provide it to us.

Can I use a different payment method for the balance?

Absolutely. The card entered during the order process is only used for the deposit amount and is not billed for the balance of the move. At the completion of your move you will have the option of using the same card by completing a credit card authorization form. You can also use a different card or pay by cash and check.

Is the order form secure?

Yes, our online order form is SSL secure. If you do not see a blue highlight or lock on your address bar simply type "". The "https" constitutes a secure connection and your web address bar should confirm the connection.

What if I do not have an email address?

Our online order form requires an email for several reasons, notably to provide you with a confirmation as well as to prevent spam. If you would like to reserve service online without an email, enter a generic address into the email field. For example, "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." would work, since our order form will see that the email entered is in a valid format. Make sure you put a comment into the "Special Instructions" area regarding how you would like to receive a confirmation. We can provide one by fax, phone or postal mail.

I received an error that my email address is not valid

Our online reservation form validates your email through a syntax, basically looking for the correct email format, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Although uncommon, we have experienced errors with emails such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you have received an error but your email is formatted correctly please do the following:

  • Enter a simple but false email address to allow you to move forward with the booking. If the error occurred using a similar email as listed above, shorten it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • On the second page of the booking process, locate the "Special Instructions" box and enter your correct email.
  • Upon your order submission, we will override the initial entry and add your correct email address.

I have an existing quote, can I reserve service online?

Absolutely! Reservations can be made by using our online reservation system at any time, but we recommend using the "Reserve Now" button in your quote email. It's important to note, however, that our quoting system and reservation system are not yet fully integrated so your existing quote data will not populate when completing an online reservation. Yes, we know this can be confusing and we are working diligently to integrate the two systems (we promise!).

Although you will be required to provide information we already have, rest assured that your online reservation and existing quote will be matched up by our very capable (and good looking, I might add) staff. It's also important to be aware that the rates you were quoted will not dynamically populate in the billing summary. Once again, this is because our quoting and reservation systems are not yet integrated. As a result, our standard rate details will be displayed for the package selection chosen during the reservation process. Any discounts, travel fees and/or surcharges that were originally quoted will still be applied to your online reservation once processed and merged to your existing quote account.

Need help? Contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 for assistance with making your reservation.

What move method should I choose?

Our software is designed to ask you follow up questions based on some of your selections, therefore, it is important that you choose the correct move method when making a reservation. To help you make the correct decision we have defined the most common move methods below. You can learn more about each option by clicking the appropriate link.

Truck Rental: A rented moving truck typically from a national rental company. The three largest and most common rental truck agencies are Penske, Budget and U-Haul. Rental trucks sizes vary from company to company, but the smallest rental truck size is 10' while the largest is 26'.

Portable Storage: Often referred to as a "pod", portable storage containers are typically delivered to your home for loading and then stored or moved by the portable storage company. There are many portable storage companies, each with their own unit sizes. However, the most common storage unit sizes are 8', 12' and 16'.

Freight: Almost always used for long distance moves, the term "freight" typically refers to a 'You Load, We Drive' service. These services provide transportation only and allow you to reserve a specific amount of space based on your needs.

International Container: Used for international moves and sometimes also referred to as a sea container. These containers only come in two sizes, 20' and 40'.

U-Haul Trailer: A tow-behind trailer for small moves. U-Haul is currently the only company that provides these types of trailers nationwide.

Cargo Van: An enclosed van made specifically for very small moves. A cargo van is not a box truck, therefore you should select "Truck Rental" if you have a 10' or larger moving van.

Other: If your transportation method does not fall into one of our listed categories you should select this option. "Other" is commonly used as a selection when the move method is a personal vehicle or trailer.

Undecided: If you have not yet determined which move method you plan to use select this option. To help us get an idea of the size of your move please indicate how many feet you would anticipate using in either a truck rental or freight trailer.

Not Applicable: Select this option if you do not have a transportation method. This would be the correct selection for someone completing an on-site move, furniture move or packing.

What moving service(s) should I choose?

Loading: This service is for customers needing assistance moving their items into a truck, portable storage unit, freight trailer, etc. The items are already packed and ready to be loaded by our movers.

Unloading: Movers will unload (remove) all your items from your rental truck, portable storage unit, etc. We place your items into your home in the correct rooms.

Packing: Movers pack boxes and help you prepare for your actual move.

On-Site Move: Moves completed within the same apartment complex or moving into another floor/unit within the same building. No truck is needed due to the proximity of the locations.

Furniture Movement: Furniture moved to another floor or room in the existing home or office. This service would include staging, rearranging of furniture, and moving items into your garage or basement.

What is a local move?

A move is considered to be local if the following criteria are met:

  • The move begins (origin) and ends (destination) within the same metropolitan area. There should be no more than 50 miles between the two locations.
  • Both locations will be serviced on the same day by the same crew.
  • The move is continuously billed from beginning to end.

What location type should I choose?

Single Family: A detached home typically with at least two floors, few (if any) entry steps and often times a garage.

Town Home: A tall, narrow home built within a group of other townhomes. Town homes generally have three or more floors.

Ranch: A single level detached home with few (if any) internal stairs. A ranch home may or may not have a basement.

Duplex: An apartments with separate entrances for two or more families. Duplexes commonly have four or less individual apartments and rarely exceed two levels.

Apartment: A single residential unit within a larger complex or building. In terms of access, a condo is also considered an apartment.
If you choose "Apartment" you will be prompted with additional questions about the access conditions. Be sure to accurately indicate if your location is accessible by stairs or elevator.

Self Storage: A traditional storage location such as Public Storage.

Office: A commercial or retail location.

Other: A location which does not apply to the predefined options.

I made a reservation but have not received a confirmation email, what do I do?

Our system automatically generates a confirmation email for each scheduled reservation once it has been processed. There are three possible reasons why you may not have received a confirmation email, each reason is explained below.

Spam/Junk Folder: Although we have several advanced features in place to prevent this from happening, some email programs and ISP's can mistake important messages for junk mail and automatically put them in your bulk or junk folder. To ensure the e-mails you've requested are delivered to your inbox, add our e-mail address to your address book or safe list. Email correspondence from us will usually be sent from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Reservation is in Queue: All reservations submitted online are immediately queued for review and scheduling by EML staff. If a reservation is placed after hours it will not be processed until the next business day. A confirmation email will only be sent once the reservation has been processed.

Incorrect Email: From time to time we find that email addresses are incorrectly entered, this will cause the confirmation email to fail. It is imperative to double check the email address you enter when making a reservation online.

If you believe that you should have received a confirmation email or would like to confirm the spelling of your email address please contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303.