ABF U-Pack Freight

ABF U-Pack® is a national freight company that ships household and commercial goods in 28' trailers. ABF U-Pack is the largest trucking company that has a household goods shipping division. Because of the number of trailers in operation they can offer affordable options for long distance moves.

Important Details About ABF U-Pack Trucks

  • Although very affordable, ABF trailers are not made specifically for household goods. Their spring ride suspension generally results in shifting during transit, especially when compared to the air-ride suspension used by Broadway Express.
  • Unlike most transportation companies, ABF does not rent or provide furniture pads. Furniture pads are extremely important for the safe movement of your items and very expensive to purchase. If you choose ABF remember to factor the cost of purchasing furniture pads into your budget.
  • Although ABF promotes their 3-5 day delivery range, it is important to note that they do not count weekends, holidays or the day that your trailer is picked up.
For more information about moving with ABF, including how to secure your items and the importance of furniture pads, read our freight moving tips.

Hire Movers to Load or Unload your Freight Moving Truck/Trailer

Now that you have your moving truck reserved you may want to hire professional moving help to load the truck and unload the truck. Moving household items to/from a moving truck is a physically demanding task and usually requires expertise, especially during the truck load. Our movers are licensed and insured and know how to load and unload moving trucks and trailers, for both local and long distance moving.

  • Expert movers maximize your total space by efficiently loading the truck.
  • We balance the load to ensure it is safe for transportation.
  • Free assembly/dis-assembly of standard household items.
  • We wrap furniture with pads for protection during the move.

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