ABF Relo Cubes

ABF Relo Cubes are a POD solution offered by the folks at ABF Freight Systems®. Relo Cubes are available in many markets around the country and not limited to a specific region.

Mover Load and Unload Times

Unit SizeLoadUnload# Of Movers
6'10"W x 5'10"L x 7'9"H
2.25 Hours
1.75 Hours
2 Movers

Completion times are based on our average historic data for the specific sizes listed. They are based on ranch homes, single family homes and townhomes with good access conditions. Every move is different and your total load or unload time may be more or less.

Hire Movers to Load or Unload your Storage Container

Now that you have your moving storage container reserved you may want to hire professional moving help to load the moving container and unload the moving container. Moving household items to/from a storage container is a physically demanding task and usually requires expertise, especially during the load. Our movers are licensed and insured and know how to load and unload moving storage containers, for both local and long distance moving.

  • Expert movers maximize your total space by efficiently loading the unit.
  • We balance the load to ensure it is safe for transportation.
  • Free assembly/dis-assembly of standard household items.
  • We wrap furniture with pads for protection during the move.

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