Rental Truck Fuel Calculator

As moving season approaches and gas prices continue to soar you may be wondering, how much will gas cost me? If you will be relocating inside a rented moving truck you can utilize our fuel calculator below. With years of relocation experience we created an accurate formula that will help you budget your relocation and gas expenses correctly.

Finding the Average Fuel Price

Let's assume that you are relocating from Silver Spring, MD to San Diego, CA this summer. Although gas prices will be high during the entire trip, they will differ from city to city and state to state. The best way to average the price per gallon for your entire trip is to utilize gas price data for 3-8 cities along your route (Alternatively you can use today's national average price). In this example, we could use Roanoke, VA, Knoxville, TN, Memphis, TN, Dallas, TX, El Paso, TX and Tucson, AZ. Now we simply head over to GasBuddy and search for the current gas prices in each of these cities. We then of course add them all together and divide by 6.

Remember, Penske's 22' and 26' trucks along with Budget's 24' truck require diesel fuel. If you are utilizing one of these trucks you should get the average diesel price in each city.

About your Estimated Fuel Costs

Our formula utilizes a MPG range for each rental truck size. We do this because the truck size is not the only factor in your fuel economy, other variables like the age of the truck, maintenance history, terrain and fuel type (unleaded or diesel) all play a role.

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