Rental Truck Fuel Calculator

You're rented a moving truck for your do-it-yourself move and you're wondering, how much will gas cost? We've created an accurate rental truck fuel calculator that accounts for variables that no other fuel calculator has!

Step 1: Average Fuel Price

Gas prices change daily, so you will first want to see what today's national average fuel price is. Remember to choose the correct fuel type (regular vs diesel).

Step 2: Calculate!

It's pretty self-explanatory. Just punch in your zip codes, choose a rental truck size and enter the average fuel price.

About your Estimated Fuel Costs

Our formula utilizes a MPG range for each rental truck size. We do this because the truck size is not the only factor in your fuel economy, other variables like the age of the truck, maintenance history, terrain and fuel type (unleaded or diesel) all play a role.

On average, you should expect your rented moving truck to fall within these mile per gallon ranges:
10'-12' Truck: 8-12 MPG, 14'-16' Truck: 7-11 MPG, 17' Truck: 6.5-10 MPG, 20'-22' Truck: 5-9 MPG, 24'-26' Truck: 4.5-6.5 MPG

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