Moving Labor Help for Local Do-It-Yourself Moves

A local move is considered a move within the same city or metropolitan area where the origin and destination are within 50 miles of each other. Of the 40 million moves that occur each year nearly 30 million are local moves. When you setup a local move you can schedule a single order and utilize the same crew to complete the move. If you're moving locally but will complete the load and unload on different dates then you will need to create two orders to be scheduled properly.

Unsure how we can help with your move? Here are some examples of common local moving scenarios:

Help with Heavy Furniture
You have moved the majority of the smaller items but need movers to load and unload the heavy furniture pieces.

Help at One Location
You have friends and family that will help you unload the moving truck but you need movers to load it.

Complete the Entire Move
Have our movers pack the boxes, load the truck and then unload at your new home.

Local Load and Unload
You've packed the boxes but want the movers to load and unload all of the household items.

Load One Day, Unload Another
If you're planning to utilize a POD container you may need our movers to load it one day and then unload it on another day, possibly at a new home.

Help With A Local Move

  • We can load, follow you to your destination and then unload.
  • We do all of the heavy lifting and furniture wrapping.
  • We service all home types, from single family to third floor apartments.
  • We provide the moving dollies and standard tools for assembly/dis-assembly.

Same Day Local Moves

If you're like most people who are moving locally then you will likely complete your move in a single day. You can hire our movers to meet you at your home and complete the household loading process. Once completed our movers will follow you to your new home and unload the items. Our service includes assembly and dis-assembly of standard items and we will place the boxes and furniture into the correct rooms.

Unsure if a local self move is for you? Compare local moving options to help you decide if a self move or full service move is right for you.

Our most common questions for same day local moves:

When does the billing start and end?
Billing begins on arrival at your home and ends with the completion of your unload at the new home. Drive time between the locations is included in the billable time.

Can we make additional stops?
If you have an extra stop, such as a self storage unit, we can follow you to the location after the initial load at your home. There are no additional fees for this service as long as the location is within the local area.

Are there travel charges?
We only charge travel fees for smaller cities and rural markets, these charges are outlined for you before you complete a reservation. If you book online and a travel charge is required we will notify you before processing the order.

If your local move requires our movers to drive 40 miles or more between the origin and destination we may charge a fuel fee to compensate for the cost of fuel.

Multiple Day Local Moves

Some moving situations require a gap between the loading and unloading dates, even for local moves. We can accommodate these situations by scheduling a separate moving crew for each move date, allowing you to choose the date and time that best suits your needs. If your unload date, time or location is unknown we will work with you to update the information when it becomes available.

We make it easy for you to reserve service online when you have unknown destination information. The most common unknowns are provided below along with the solution:

Unknown Date: When selecting a service date for your destination simply choose the most likely date. If you don't have any idea you can select a date for anytime in the future. Make sure you add details about your situation in the "Special Instructions" area.

Unknown Time: If you have a delivery window for your portable storage unit you may not know when they are arriving. Choose an afternoon start time and provide details about your delivery window in the "Special Instructions" area. We will contact you to schedule follow up dates when more information can be expected.

Unknown Address: If you know that you are moving locally but have not yet signed a lease or purchased a home rest assured that you are not alone. Simply enter "TBD" in the address area, you may do the same for the city as well. Our zip code area requires a 5 digit number so you may enter "00000". Don't forget to add details about your situation in the "Special Instructions" area.

Truck and Storage Options for Local Moves

Every move is different and so are the needs of each individual. A local move can be completed with a truck rental or a portable storage unit, freight is not an option because it is only available for long distance (state to state) moves.

Local Moves with Truck Rental Truck Rental

The majority of people who are moving locally will complete the entire move in a single day. For these people a truck rental is the best option because it allows for quick transportation between the two homes, it is also affordable.

Take advantage of our truck rental discounts of up to 20% with Penske Truck Rental and Budget Truck Rental. Read more about how to choose the right truck rental company in our blog.

Local Moving with a POD Portable Storage / POD

For those who are staging their home or waiting on the completion of a home sale, portable storage may be the best option. Portable storage allows you to load your container and then store it until you are ready to unload. The container can usually be stored at your location or in the storage company warehouse, a choice that should be made to fit your unique needs. Most portable storage companies allow you to keep your items in storage for as long as you need and then deliver the container to your new home when ready.

How long does it take to load and unload a POD container?

Scheduling Moving Labor for Local Moves

With so many aspects of your move to put together and manage scheduling movers shouldn't be one of them. You can easily request a quote or create a reservation online. If you prefer to speak with someone about your moving needs you may contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303. By hiring movers from Elite Moving Labor you can remove worrying from your things to do!

  • Reliability: Once you're scheduled, you're scheduled. We show up for every move, you depend on us and our brand name depends on your satisfaction.
  • Flexibility: Last minute changes happen, we provide no cost rescheduling.
  • Pricing: Our prices are the same no matter where you are moving. Don't take the time to read through another company's fine print or deal with last minute hidden fees.
  • Coverage: Moving services are available in all major metropolitan areas and most secondary cities. We also provide coverage for many rural areas as well.