Do-it-Yourself Long Distance Moving

A long distance move is considered as a move more than 50 miles from your current home, many times to a different state. As the moving industry continues to evolve it will consistently become easier and more affordable to relocate long distances. With so many options available to you it can become overwhelming, but it is important to remember that our moving services are flexible and tailored to your needs. Moving Labor for Long Distance Moving We can provide load only service, unload only service or both loading and unloading anywhere in the country - the choice is up to you!

Elite Moving Labor is an affordable solution for your long distance move:

  • We can provide loading services, unloading services or both - Nationwide.
  • Minimize the risk of damage and maximize your space by hiring our professional movers to load.
  • Simple and easy to understand pricing, no fine print or hidden fees.
  • Flexible scheduling options and easy rescheduling when common moving delays occur.

Long Distance Moving Methods

Self moving for long distance moves is an attractive option because it allows you to remain in control of as much, or as little, of the move as you desire. Self moving is also much more affordable than traditional full service van lines, especially for the growing number of people relocating without employer assistance. Regardless of which transportation method you choose, we are qualified and experienced to provide both loading and unloading services.

DIY Long Distance Moving with a Rental Truck Truck Rental

With the rising cost of fuel the percentage of people relocating with a truck rental is falling when compared to other options. This is primarily because fuel prices can be unpredictable and larger moving trucks get an average of 5 mpg, this can be extremely expensive for a long distance move. Never less, a truck rental still provides the greatest control over your move and is usually the quickest method. Although there are several truck rental companies available the three largest are Penske Truck Rental®, Budget Truck Rental® and U-Haul®. Take advantage of our one-way truck rental discounts of up to 20% with Penske Truck Rental and Budget Truck Rental. Read more about how to choose the right truck rental company in our blog.

DIY Long Distance Moving with a POD Portable Storage / POD

If you have sold your home and have not yet purchased a new one or if you are moving but unsure of where, portable storage would be a great fit for you. Portable storage allows you to load your container and then store it until you are ready to unload. The container can usually be stored at your location or in the storage company warehouse, a choice that should be made to fit your unique needs. Most portable storage companies allow you to keep your items in storage for as long as you need and then deliver the container to your new home when ready. It's relatively common to be unsure of where your new home will be and generally will not be a problem for larger storage companies like PODS®.

DIY Long Distance Moving with a You Load We Drive Freight Mover Freight Trailers - You Load, We Drive

If you have ever driven down a highway then you have probably seen a "You Load, We Drive" trailer. There are two primary companies that provide this service, each are quite different from the other. Here we will briefly review the pro's and con's of using ABF U-Pack and Broadway Express for your long distance move.

More information about freight. Read our moving guides related to ABF U-Pack.

ABF U-Pack®
ABF provides 28' trailers for long distance moves. The company has thousands of freight trailers available, many to transport non-household goods. ABF can be the most affordable option for many people because of the large quantity of available trailers as well as their minimum of only 4'. ABF trailers are spring ride equipped and not made for the transportation of household goods, they also do not come with furniture pads and they cannot be rented from the company.

Read about ABF spring ride and how it can affect your move.

Broadway Express
BE provides 53' tractor trailers that are air ride equipped and setup for household goods moving. Similar to ABF, the company can only provide service for long distance moves that begin in one state and end in another. BE begins pricing at their minimum of 10' and will also provide auto shipping within their trailers. Their trailers come equipped with furniture pads and are available for use at no additional cost to you.

Scheduling Moving Labor for Long Distance Moves

With so many aspects of your move to put together and manage scheduling movers shouldn't be one of them. You can easily request a quote or create a reservation online. If you prefer to speak with someone about your moving needs you may contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303. By hiring movers from Elite Moving Labor you can remove worrying from your things to do!

  • Reliability: Once you're scheduled, you're scheduled. We show up for every move, you depend on us and our brand name depends on your satisfaction.
  • Flexibility: Last minute changes happen, we provide no cost rescheduling.
  • Pricing: Our prices are the same no matter where you are moving. Don't take the time to read through another company's fine print or deal with last minute hidden fees.
  • Coverage: Moving services are available in all major metropolitan areas and most secondary cities. We also provide coverage for many rural areas as well.

Moving Services for Long Distance Moves

We can provide a wide range of moving related services, from packing boxes to loading and unloading. Learn more about the moving labor services we provide as well as pricing and package options.