About Elite Moving Labor

Elite Moving Labor is a nationwide do-it-yourself moving labor company that has been providing professional, reliable and affordable moving labor help since 2004. Moving labor is a segment of the moving industry that provides professional movers without the truck for a range of labor only moving services. The primary moving labor services we offer are loading, unloading, packing and furniture movement. Our customers often learn about the moving services we offer when they attempt their first do-it-yourself move, and realize that they will need help to load or unload their rented moving truck, storage container or trailer.

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Our Objective

We're here to provide our customers with an affordable and professional moving labor service that they can depend on. It's a pretty simple objective, but not an easy one considering the overall poor reputation of the moving industry as a whole. That's why our primary focus is to bring reliability and integrity back to the moving industry. This begins at the foundation of our company, our employees. Each of our employees must complete a lengthy and rigorous training program which allows them to better understand your unique needs and make recommendations accordingly. Every employee is strongly dedicated to making sure that every move we book is a successful one.

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