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8 Reasons Why You Should Move To A New City

‘Tis the season! No, not wedding season - It’s moving season! Did you know that 80% of America’s moves happen between April and September? It’s known as one of the most stressful life events. But the secret is that once you get past the logistics, the hidden opportunities are endless....
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6 Overlooked DIY Moving Details

Choosing to complete a do-it-yourself move is a smart decision, one that will typically save you a lot of money. A DIY move requires more planning and involvement on your part, however, and there are often important details that are overlooked. We want you to have a great DIY moving...
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Our Labor-Only Marketplace Has Arrived!

MovingLabor.com (formerly Elite Moving Labor) has been in the moving labor industry since 2004, long before online marketplaces were mainstream. As consumers, we're used to the on-demand economy in nearly all facets of our lives, and It's how we knew that a marketplace format was not only inevitable, but also...
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Moving Labor vs Traditional Movers

We try really hard to make it easy to understand what we do , but not everyone understands right away. We've created this guide to help you understand what a "regular mover" is and why we are not "them" . Types of Movers You can divide the moving industry into...
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How many movers do I need?

The experts at MovingLabor.com want to help you be prepared for your do-it-yourself move. That is why they created this handy moving guide to help you choose the right number of movers and estimate how long your move will take to complete.

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How Many Moving Boxes Do I Need?

As your move date approaches you think to yourself, "I’d better start packing!" But as you walk through your home you realize you’ve got a lot of stuff to pack, a lot more than you thought you did. Then you ask yourself a question that thousands of others ask every...
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Should You Move to Live Near Your Grandchildren?

Ready or not, you are a grandparent! How did this happen so quickly? Wasn’t it just yesterday your own children were hanging from monkey bars and running gleefully towards the an ice cream truck? In this 2015 photo, 90 year-old Helen Ruth from Tinley Park, Illinois, visiting her great grandchildren,...
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How To Get Your Security Deposit Back

Renting a home or apartment comes with a lot of perks, such as having little responsibility for wear-and-tear fixes and being able to move around at your own pleasure. On the flipside, you do have to deal with security deposits - you know, those personal money stashes that your landlord...
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Relocation Guide: Moving to Atlanta

Looking to move to a city brimming with opportunities? Atlanta might just be for you. This big shot spot has the 5th largest metropolitan population in the United States, totaling more than 5.5 million people. Ranked on Forbes as the 9th best city for business and careers, you’ll find top...
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6 Ways to Give Your Cat the Royal Treatment With Used Boxes

Those of us who adore cats recognize both the relationship cats have with boxes, and our desire to spoil these feline companions. So what could be more ideal than providing your furry friend with secure, private hiding places that both pamper and protect? We've detailed six awesome ways to keep...
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