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6 Places to Get Free Moving Boxes

A pile of empty cardboard boxes used for moving sit on a driveway

If you're preparing for an upcoming move you are probably on the hunt for moving boxes that won't destroy your budget. If that sounds like you then you've come to the right place! We've created a thorough list of the best places to find free or cheap moving boxes and supplies.

  1. Craigslist: Yes, Craigslist. Take a look at your local site and you'll likely find a bunch of listings for people offering free moving boxes. Why? Because who wants to take the time to break down and recycle their moving boxes? You'll find most listings under 'For Sale' and 'Community'.
  2. Freecycle: Freecycle is a community forum where people give away items in lieu of throwing them away.
  3. reddit: reddit is a popular community that has local forums and boards similar to Craigslist. The reddit community is pretty responsive and lot's of free moving boxes are offered here.
  4. City-Data: Similar to the options above, the City-Data forums are localized and active with tips, advice and, of course, free moving boxes.
  5. Trash Rooms: If you live in an apartment building, complex or high rise then you should take a trip to your trash room. You won't find moving boxes there everyday, but you can find boxes there way more often than you'd think.
  6. Local Retailers: These days most retailers have procedures for recycling and reusing their boxes. Yes, there was a time when you could go to almost any retailer, grocery store, liquor store, etc and score free boxes. While local retailers may be less likely to have free moving boxes you can probably find some if you search hard enough.
  7. Neighbors: Chances are you have at least one neighbor who recently completed a move. Once moved in, most people want to get their new home organized so they unpack quickly. This means they will be more than eager to get rid of their old moving boxes.
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Used Moving Boxes

If you're having a tough time locating free moving boxes don't worry. As an alternative we've put together an awesome list for finding cheap, used boxes.

  1. Used Box Stores: Yep, used box stores are a real thing. Do a quick Internet search for "used boxes your city/state" and see what you can find. As the concept of reusing becomes more popular used box stores will continue to pop up in cities all over America.
  2. BoxCycle: BoxCycle is a pretty cool website that brings buyers and sellers of moving boxes together. No, it's not free, but it's a cheaper alternative to buying new moving boxes.

Rent Plastic Moving Boxes

If you're moving locally you might be interested to know that there are companies that you can rent plastic moving boxes from. These boxes are reusable, durable and affordable. Best of all? The company will drop off and pick up the plastic boxes for you. Score one for convenience!

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