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6 Ways to Give Your Cat the Royal Treatment With Used Boxes

Those of us who adore cats recognize both the relationship cats have with boxes, and our desire to spoil these feline companions. So what could be more ideal than providing your furry friend with secure, private hiding places that both pamper and protect?

We've detailed six awesome ways to keep your cat happy with nothing more than your used moving boxes and packing materials.

1) Build Your Cat a Throne

Let’s face it. Your cat reigns over your entire kingdom. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Her Royal Highness the Cat frequently greets you with that long, disdainful glare letting you know she’s in command and she is not amused by your efforts to impress her.

Maybe it’s time to acknowledge your Kitty’s magnificence by presenting her with a cardboard Kitty Throne. She’ll probably continue to glare at you, but Her Royal Majesty will appreciate your efforts to acknowledge her rightful place in your home.

Cat Royal Throne

2) A Cardboard Kitty Castle

We all know that cats love boxes! Make the pur-r-r-fect castle playscape out of those cardboard boxes, shipping tubes and other packaging materials you have left-over from your move.

Cat Castle of Moving Boxes

3) Give Kitty the Mani/Pedi Treatment

Make a scratching board, sprinkling catnip on it to entice her. Many pet owners claim scratching boards work great for keeping their cats from scratching up the furniture. You can see the scratching board just in front of the cat in the castle photo above.

A white cat uses a scratch post attached to the wall

4) Create a Castle-Themed Litter Cover

How about a DIY litter box cover? Reuse a cardboard box to create a private, yet attractive way to hide the litter box. As an added bonus, reuse some packing newspaper beneath the litter for extra absorption. Lift off the top box to remove the litter pan below.

Cat Litter Box Castle

5) Kitty Gym

Here’s a very simple, yet fun idea. Crumple lots of packing paper inside an empty box. Fold down the flaps so Kitty will be challenged to find her way into her very own Kitty Gym. She’ll enjoy crunching through the paper even more if you add some catnip.

A cat is playing in a cardboard box filled with tape and paper

6) Simple Cat Maze

And finally, check out these cats having a great time in this simple, but fit-for-royalty cat maze.

Two cats are playing in a maze built from cardboard boxes

Love cat gif's? Check out our GIPHY page for funny gif's of cats and packing materials!

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