By Brandon on Dec 03 2012
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American Cities with the Most Millionaires

So you didn't win the 550 million dollar Powerball on Wednesday, huh? Well, if you happen to be an entrepreneur or tech savvy person there is some good news. According to the Metro Wealth Index from Capgemini, many major metropolitan areas are recording an increase in the growth percentage of millionaires. San Jose, California, a large city within Silicon Valley, had a 2.1% increase in their millionaire population between 2010-2011. It's not all good news though, some cities, such as Detroit, Michigan, saw a decrease in their millionaire population. During the same 2010-2011 span, Detroit lost 2.2%.

Capgemini is quick to point out that growth is not to be confused with the overall population. The largest and most likely cities, such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are home to the most millionaires.

2011 Rank (Most Millionaires / Total Pop.)Metro Area2010-2011 (Growth %)
1 New York 1.0%
2 Los Angeles -0.3%
3 Chicago -0.1%
4 Washington D.C. 1.1%
5 San Francisco 0.3%
6 Boston 0.4%
7 Philadelphia -0.9%
8 Houston 1.9%
9 San Jose 2.1%
10 Detroit -2.2%

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