Based out of South Florida, Gerald Lombardo is an experienced writer, researcher, and editor specializing in both fiction and non-fiction topics ranging from real estate and law to health, fitness, pop-culture, and more.

Cormick is an impulsive cross country mover. She’s lived in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Denver and is always looking for a new city to fall in love with. When she’s not creating content she’s walking her geriatric dogs or trying to read all of Wikipedia.

Marissa Geraci is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida. She escaped corporate America in 2012. She's also a blogger, a lover of cats, and a big fan of adventure. You can read more of her articles at The Adventure Therapist.

Melanie was born and raised in the beautiful US Virgin Islands, and now resides in Colorado. She enjoys baking, gardening and taking her pup to dog parks.

Susan M. Smith is a freelancer and traveler, handling a variety of projects and making the most of her time, wherever that may be.
Sarah George is a freelance contributor who enjoys long days of musing, typewriting, and heating up yet another mug of black tea. When she’s not writing, Sarah is likely strolling outdoors with her hubby or curling up to watch her favorite romance.
Christina is a long time Floridian now living in Ohio. While being a mother of a boy toddler she managed to work from home while taking care of him. Now that he has started school, she hopes to use her spare time to share tips, insight, and knowledge from her time in the moving labor industry. Christina has been working at since 2015.

Kayla is from New Hampshire, and lived in North Carolina and Florida before finding her long-term home in colorful Colorado. She’s an aspiring yogi that fuels her soul off travels and adventures. Her and her fiance have 2 dogs and 3 cats, and they take the pups everywhere they can. Kayla has been working for for over 5 years and enjoys the flexibility in her schedule that allows her to balance both work and her time in the outdoors.

I've been in the moving industry since 2004 and I spent the first few years working as a mover. I use the lessons learned during those years to write articles that will give our users the answers they are looking for and, ultimately, help them make a successful DIY move.