Christina is a long time Floridian now living in Ohio. While being a mother of a boy toddler she managed to work from home while taking care of him. Now that he has started school, she hopes to use her spare time to share tips, insight, and knowledge from her time in the moving labor industry. Christina has been working at since 2015.

How to Move with Your Flock of Chickens

What the FLOCK?! Before we start, I want to explain that when we're using the word "flock", we are referring to backyard chickens. The tips provided are not applicable for commercial poultry, but these tips can be used when you're moving with any backyard poultry.With living in Ohio and 50% of...
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6 Ways to be Prepared for Move Day

Expert Tips for Moving DayRecently my parents made their big move and came to me for my moving labor expertise. One of their main questions was what should be done in order to be prepared and not only save money by saving time, but make the job easier for the movers....
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Get Paid to Move to Another State

And Work From Home? Too Good to Be True?Hasn’t working from home always sounded like a dream? Well, in today’s society working from home jobs are saturating the market with major companies like Amazon and Enterprise offering telecommuting positions. But recently, even individual States have gotten involved in promoting remote work.The...
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