By Brandon on Aug 31 2011
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Can I Hire Movers to Load and Unload my Truck?

As DIY moves become more commonplace the concept of hiring movers to load, unload and pack is being accepted by a greater portion of the population. However, despite the widespread use of moving labor we still receive countless calls each week which ask, I have a [rental truck, storage container, moving trailer, etc] and need movers to load it, is that something you do? Each time the answer is inevitably, That's exactly what we do.

Perhaps if we weren't "in the biz" we wouldn't quite understand the concept either, so we wanted to take a moment to provide some clarity as to what moving labor is, and how it works.
You can also watch our nifty 'how it works' animated video 

Yes, you can hire movers to just load, unload or pack

Believe it or not, there are moving companies that do not have moving trucks, including us here at The concept is simple, it's generally more affordable to provide your own truck, storage container or freight trailer than it is to hire a full service moving company. Once you have obtained a transportation method you likely still have one problem: How do I get my household items loaded and unloaded? Well, that's where we come in. Despite contrary belief, "hiring" your friends may not be the best option. Assuming they actually show up you're tasked with completing a skillful activity with unskilled people, assuming that none of your friends are movers.

Why hire movers to load & unload?

The most obvious benefit to hiring move help is that you won't need to lift the heavy furniture. In fact, this is the primary reason that people book movers on our site. However, there are many other benefits that people fail to realize. Luckily for you we have outlined some of these awesome benefits below:

Maximize Usable Space

Movers know how to pack and load a moving truck, they are skilled individuals that can puzzle your household goods like a game of Tetris. By hiring professionals you allow yourself to effectively utilize the rented space and potentially reduce the amount you need to purchase (notably for ABF U-Pack customers).

Reduce Damage

This one goes hand in hand with packing correctly, properly loaded items won't shift resulting in a lower probability of broken or damaged items.

Movers are Faster

A team of professional movers will load or unload your moving truck faster than you and your friends, guaranteed. Spend less time moving your furniture and more time getting to your new home.

Save Money

If you decide to hire your friends instead of movers you will likely compensating them with pizza and beer. A few pizzas and a couple cases of beer will probably add up quickly and be comparable, if not more, than the cost of hiring movers for a few hours.

Movers to Load (or Unload) Your Truck

You've got the moving truck, now hire moving help to load it! Compare and hire movers online or call us at (888) 354-8303.

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