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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Moving Labor Services

We live in a Do-It-Yourself world. Why not save yourself a few bucks if you can tack on your own shingles or change your own oil? Yet, sometimes you’re faced with a Sisyphean Task that is just too overwhelming. Other times, you may be under stress to move as quickly...
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Do Rental Trucks Stop At Weigh Stations?

If you're moving long distance and have decided to rent a truck you may be wondering, do I need to stop at weigh stations? This is a very common question which is spurred by the fact that there is no universal answer. Truck rental locations will usually tell you that...
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Short Notice Moves

Many times the need to get movers at the last minute is unavoidable, often a result of the originally scheduled movers not showing up or family and friends backing out. While unfortunate, many times last minute move requests cannot be accommodated due to previously scheduled moves. The best way to...
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Reusable Plastic Bins for Local Moves

Let's face it, moving sucks. But if you're completing a local move then the process of packing up your items is now a lot easier. Gone are the days when you had to stuff cardboard moving boxes into your car, only to spend more time opening and taping each one....
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Your Moving Guide to Furniture Pads

When planning a do-it-yourself move it is absolutely vital that you don't underestimate the importance of furniture protection . You cannot just load your furniture into a moving truck and expect everything to arrive at your destination without dents, dings or scratches. Well, at least not without appropriate furniture protection...
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DITY Moving for Military

The acronym 'DITY' stands for "Do-it-Yourself" but is most commonly used by military personnel in reference to an upcoming self-move. The U.S. Government will provide military personnel with relocation services at no cost to the service member through two service options: Complete a full service move through Schedule 48 which...
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Moving & Delivery for Small Shipments

Although self service moving and moving labor may be gaining awareness throughout the country we have found that many people still have trouble creating a small move. The most common problem we hear from customers is their inability to move and ship a single item or a small number of...
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Avoiding Moving Labor and Broker Scams

Let's face it, the moving industry doesn't exactly have the best reputation. It's an extremely heavily regulated industry primarily because of all the scams and rip offs, you've likely heard a moving related horror story before. The vast majority of regulation affects full service moving companies (e.g. van lines and...
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Top Places To Get Free Moving Boxes

If you are preparing to move then you probably have a lot of packing ahead of you, which means you are likely hunting for free moving boxes . We encourage any activity that is environmentally friendly and encourage you to save as many boxes as possible. To help you in...
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Rental Truck Insurance: What Isn't Covered

So you are standing at the truck rental counter and the representative asks, "Did you want to purchase insurance for the truck?" . The answer is commonly "no" because many people believe that their auto insurance covers rental trucks. Fact: 99% of the time auto insurance does not cover a...
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