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Free Moving Resources to Help Plan Your Move

You just got the news—you’re moving to another house or even another state! After the first exciting moments, your mind starts whirling with all the plans and details. Starting with your fingers and toes, you get numb all over until you’re left frozen and useless. We call it moving shock....
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Your Guide to Parking Permits

Do I Need A Parking Permit for A Moving Truck or Storage Container? You’ve thought of everything from your hairdryer to the kitchen sink as you have planned your upcoming move. You know when to pick up the moving truck and exactly how much time you have to pack everything...
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7 Alternatives to U–Haul Cargo Trailers

Wanting options for moving your studio apartment cross-country? Or maybe just a few pieces of furniture? You might know that U-Haul offers cargo trailers to move your lesser load. But if a tow-behind doesn’t quite fit your needs, you might be left scratching your head about what to do. We’ve...
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Do I Need Insurance for a Rental Truck?

Most people incorrectly assume that their personal auto insurance or credit card covers them for damage to a rented moving truck. While individual policies vary from person to person, the fact is that the great majority of auto insurance companies and credit cards do not cover damage to a rented...
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Average Moving Truck MPG

Whether you are renting from U-Haul, Penske or Budget you probably want to know what kind of gas mileage you can expect. It's important to be aware that the truck size is not the only factor in your fuel economy. Other variables, like the age of the truck, maintenance history,...
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What is the Height Clearance of a Rental Truck?

If you're renting a moving truck for your DIY move then you will want to be aware of the clearance height . This is important information to have as some bridges, overpasses and tunnels have a lower height clearance and, if not avoided, can cause significant damage to your moving...
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How Much Does A Rented Moving Truck Weigh?

The weight of a rental truck will vary by a number of factors: Size Rental company Make and model of the truck If it is empty or full We've created a handy table to help you quickly determine a ballpark area for how much your rental truck weighs...
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5 Must Have Items for Moving Day

It's safe to say that moving day is one of the most stressful days you will ever encounter. This is true for the majority of people, even those who meticulously planned and prepared for their move. You've likely planned for weeks or even months, so don't drop the ball at...
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Your Ultimate Source for DIY Moving Guides and Resources

Whether you're just beginning to learn about do-it-yourself moving options or you just need help with a specific topic, the Elite Moving Labor blog is a great resource. With so much information available how do you find the blog, article or guide that you are looking for? We've taken the...
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Plastic Wrap for Moving: DIY Movers Guide

Plastic wrap, which is also known as shrink wrap and stretch wrap, is an important resource for your do-it-yourself move. Stretch wrap can solve a number of moving related problems, from protecting your furniture to securing loose wires and doors. We've put together this movers guide to help you learn:...
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