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Choosing A Truck Rental Company

If you are preparing for a DIY move then you are likely familiar with the three primary options: Truck rental, portable storage and freight. Each option provides a long list of benefits and drawbacks that must be considered before setting up your move. In this moving guide we will discuss...
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Safely Moving and Securing Items in ABF U-Pack

ABF U-Pack is a very common choice for customers who want the affordable and flexible benefits of do-it-yourself moving but don't want to deal with driving the rental truck. It's because ABF trailers are so common that we wanted to put together this brief moving guide about ways to secure...
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College Moving - Affordable Help for Students

Before you know it spring time will be upon us and the semi-annual process of moving students in and out of college will begin. Every college is different and so are the needs of every student, while some universities may have easy access that allow students to move themselves others...
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Affordable College Moving Services

Moving into and out of college can be both exciting and daunting, but the task of lugging your belongings around campus is never fun. Luckily, Elite Moving Labor has created a new moving program with college students in mind. The goal of our college moving services is to give college...
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When Moving Labor is the Right Choice

One of the most common questions we receive daily is from individuals who are unsure if moving labor is appropriate for their unique situation. While moving labor is an affordable option for many moving situations, it is not for everyone. We have taken a few moments to outline when moving...
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