Tried and true tips and tricks to help make your move stress-free and fun! From moving hacks to life hacks and a whole lot more.

Video Moving Tips

Over the years we've published hundreds of blogs, articles, and guides with helpful tips and advice about do-it-yourself moving. One thing we have learned during this time is that some moving tips are far more effective as a 'how-to' video instead of just words. With that in mind we've started to...
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When is Peak Moving Season?

Peak moving season occurs in the summer , with 80% of all moves in the United States occurring between April and September . The reality is that the busy moving season directly correlates to when kids are off from school. If school is out then movers are in high demand.  View...
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How to Move Cross Country for Cheap

Moving cross country is challenging, exhilarating, and stressful, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Once you’ve decided to move, take the hassles as opportunities. You get to: Reduce clutter Prioritize important things in your life Practice a DIY lifestyle With big moves, it’s tempting to pick up a credit card,...
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5 Reasons to Hire Movers to Help Load Your Truck

Moving is a physically demanding and exhausting task for most people. Even if you are in peak physical shape, you will likely find that it is far more difficult than anticipated. But the importance of hiring moving help goes far beyond the heavy lifting, especially when loading your moving truck or...
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6 Overlooked DIY Moving Details

Choosing to complete a do-it-yourself move is a smart decision, one that will typically save you a lot of money. A DIY move requires more planning and involvement on your part, however, and there are often important details that are overlooked. We want you to have a great DIY moving experience...
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