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6 Overlooked DIY Moving Details

Many people are turning to do-it-yourself moves these days. The great thing about a DIY move is that it can save you a lot of money, but there are some pitfalls that come with the territory. In this article, we'll go over some common mistakes made by those who choose to complete their own move and how you can avoid them!

Forgot Moving Blankets? Hello, Damages

Furniture blankets are the most commonly overlooked item for DIY moves. They are also the most important! No one wants scratched, dented, or broken furniture arriving at their new location, so we say splurge and make sure you have adequate furniture padding available for your loading help. How many moving blankets do I need? A good rule of thumb is 12 blankets for every 5 feet of truck or container space.

Do You Have Enough Space for Everything?

Rental truck and portable storage container companies don't provide an on-site estimate to determine what size moving truck or how many storage containers you will need. They will try to estimate what you will need, but their estimates aren't always accurate. If you find yourself uncertain if you'll have enough space you should always reserve more space than you think you will need. Moving is stressful enough, imagine not being able to fit everything on your move day - no thanks!

Secure the Load with Rope or Tie Downs

Without rope or tie downs your items won't be secure and will shift during the move, likely resulting in damage. This is especially true if you didn't hire professional loading helpers and opted to load your items on your own. Don't skimp on this detail! If you're on a tight relocation budget you should opt for rope instead of tie downs as they are the cheaper alternative.

Your Used Moving Boxes Are Too 'Used'

We're a very green company and we always encourage our customers to utilize used moving boxes. However, at a certain point, used boxes will do little to protect your items. Worn-out structures of boxes become apparent when the cardboard becomes too flimsy and lacks enough support for anything within it.

If your boxes are too worn out for another move don't fret, there are plenty of places to find used moving boxes for free.

Your Elevator Must Be Reserved

Apartments, notably high rises, will often require you to reserve the elevator on moving day. Another commonly overlooked detail: Many luxury high rises will require a certificate of insurance (COI) from the movers listing the property as additional insured. This process usually takes a few days and will likely have a fee associated with it. Be sure to check with your building well before moving day about their requirements.

Whoops, You Can't Park There!

Moving to a big city? You may be required to obtain a parking permit for your rental truck, trailer, or storage container. Be sure to find out if your city requires a permit and to file the application well before your move day.

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