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Get Paid to Move to Another State in 2021

Working from home always sounded like a dream- and recently it became a reality for many. Before Covid, popular companies like Amazon and Enterprise were already filling work from home positions. Now, since the coronavirus pandemic, it has without a doubt increased the demand and changed the workforce for years to come. Some places are even offering to pay you to move to their state and work remotely!

Who, What, Where?

An outside workspace with a laptop and paper pad

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a stop to incentive programs in many locations- like Vermont and Maine- but luckily there are still plenty of cities and states accepting new residents that are ready to make the move. I know you're anxious to hear about them, so let's get to it!

New West Virginia

$12,000 cash, free recreation and outdoor gear, professional development opportunities, and free coworking space.

Announced on April 12th, 2021, West Virginia is the newest state to offer a "get paid to move" incentive to remote workers. And it is one hell of an offer, especially for the outdoor enthusiasts out there. And while the cash incentive will get a lot of attention, Ascend West Virginia included a lot more, putting the total compensation at $20,000!

This is an extraordinarily generous offer that is unmatched by any other program. On top of the hard-to-ignore financial incentive of $12k and all the recreational goodies is free access to coworking spaces, access to social and networking events, and professional development opportunities ranging from entrepreneurial programs to earning a Remote Manager Certification from the business school at West Virginia University.

Rest assured that this opportunity is going to make headlines quickly, along with a mad dash of work from home applicants. This should not surprise anyone, of course. I have to hand it to the folks at Ascend WV, it's clear that someone in their ranks is an awfully smart cookie.

Northwest Arkansas

$10,000 cash and your choice of a street or mountain bicycle or annual membership to one of the cultural arts institutions.

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! With 162 miles of paved trails and 322 miles of world-class mountain biking trails, it's a no brainer to take advantage of this incentive if you're able. The cost of living is low, so that extra cash will go far.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

$10,000 relocation award along with a $1,000 housing stipend.

Tulsa is currently looking for 250 more remote workers to take advantage of this incentive, and it comes with a free co-working space! This is another place where the cost of living is low so the incentive money will go far. Tulsa is a dynamic city known for a variety of urban districts, exceptional dining, and one of the largest collections of art deco architecture in the nation.

North Platte, Nebraska

For local employers, they match signing bonuses for new hires up to $5000.

North Platte and the surrounding area has a healthy and robust job market. Nebraska knows it needs to invest in its local businesses to gain employees and boost the economy, so that's exactly what they're doing. And as the trend goes, this kind of extra cash can stretch far in a city with an exceptionally low cost of living.


The Permanent Fund Dividend pays royalties to residents annually through a dividend. In 2018 and 2019, Alaska residents were paid $1,600 each.

Alaska is known for some of the world’s best seafood and unlimited outdoor activities, attracting foodies and outdoorist alike! Alaska needs to build its population to help its economy grow, so they offer a wide range of incentive programs on top of already not having a state tax.

Newton, Iowa

Up to $10,000 cash to new homebuyers and throw in a welcome package of over $3,000.

The median cost of a home is 105k, resulting in the cost of living being extremely affordable. Friendly neighborhoods with good education and low crime make this a brilliant place for young families to grow old.

Baltimore, Maryland

$5,000 down payment and closing cost assistance | 5-year forgivable loan.

Baltimore knows it needs to invest in its community to improve the crime rates. If you're a future home-buyer this program reduces the amount of money you’ll need up-front to buy your home. It may not be your first choice of places to live, but you can be a part of the change!

Savannah, Georgia

The Savannah Technology Workforce Incentive provides up to $2,000 cash to tech workers coming from outside Chatham County | $20,000 grants to businesses that create at least 5 new tech jobs. 

This history-rich city is catching the eye of people of all ages. Although the coronavirus pandemic has made this seem more like a new norm, Savannah has always offered to-go cocktails! History and cocktails... need I say more? If you have a job in the tech industry and you are willing to commit to a year of living in the oldest city in Georgia, you may be eligible for this incentive.

Lincoln, Kansas

Free land! Lots ranging in size from 12,000 to 35,000 square feet.

Looking to build your dream home? Lincoln, KS may be your spot! On top of the free land, the quality of life, low cost of living, low crime, and good schools make it a prime place to start a family.

If you meet the criteria of any of the incentive programs and still need some persuading, there are other benefits to transitioning to remote work in a new city.


The Rural Online Initiative (ROI) provides affordable specialized training courses to help prepare individuals for success in becoming a digital nomad in rural Utah.

The goal is to make the economic advantages available to residents of rural Utah areas, while also allowing companies to tap into the local workforce helping boost the local economies.

This is amazing news for adventure seekers and outdoorists! Utah is an adult playground with SO much room for activities. Who wouldn't want to work closer to where you can play? Take advantage of this while you can!

Greener Commute: Save that Time & Money, Honey!

Cars in traffic in a busy city

Did you know that the average commuter spends between $2,000 and $5,000 per year on transportation costs?! Gas is the obvious money saver, but you'll also save on car maintenance costs and increase the lifespan of your car. But transportation costs aren't the only way you'll save money, you'll get to say goodbye to work clothes! You only need a shirt on for zoom calls anyway. So say goodbye to long commutes in rush hour, and say hello to more time and money!

But having a remote job doesn't only give you a chance to save your wallet, it helps you save the world. The lack of commute will help reduce your carbon footprint, but that's not the only thing going greener by working from home. If you're like me and often turned to fast fashion to afford good work clothes, you now have the opportunity to stop supporting that polluted industry. You also will likely be more inclined to make your own lunches instead of going out to that hot lunch spot near your old office, in turn reducing your food and plastic waste. Who knew working from home would be so green?!

Need Help Moving?

Moving boxes stacked in a room

Have you ever heard of moving labor help? You don't need to spend all of your incentive money in one place on full-service movers. Whether you're moving locally or long distance, hiring moving help is a more affordable alternative.

If you want to move but don't want to do the heavy lifting, you can opt for a DIY move. It's as easy as renting a moving truck or POD, then using a moving helper marketplace to compare labor help for local movers who will help professionally load and unload your belongings at each location.

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