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How to Schedule Movers With An Unknown Delivery Time

A Guide to Scheduling Moving HelpMany times throughout the week we are asked, How do I schedule my movers if I don't know when my stuff will arrive? Certainly not an uncommon problem for people who choose to complete a DIY move. For those of you who have chosen a "You Load, We Drive" moving company that provides freight trailers or a portable storage moving company (like PODS), this is likely a question you will ask at some point and one we intend to answer for you. [Related: Topic FAQ]

While it can be difficult, scheduling moving labor in conjunction with the arrival of your trailer or portable storage isn't usually that hard. In fact, depending on the type of moving company and the unique conditions of your move we may be able to narrow it down to an approximate date. Once we have narrowed down the delivery window we simply schedule updates within the system to follow up with you as the move date approaches and then make changes to your scheduled move as needed.

  1. Make sure to get the driver's name and phone number at least 48 hours before your move. The driver is physically with the truck or trailer and can give you the most accurate information. The driver will also know what other stops need to be made and will be the best source of information for your ETA.
  2. Never schedule movers inside of your delivery window. Many times freight and portable storage companies will provide an 8am-12pm delivery time, many times this is incorrect. Not only should you avoid scheduling moving labor during this window you should also give yourself at least an hour extra as a buffer.
  3. If you're anticipating the delivery of your household items your transit time may vary widely depending on your origin and destination. For example, if you loaded your truck in Chicago, Illinois but are moving to Phoenix, Arizona then your transit time will be a minimum of four days. However, if you loaded in New Orleans, Louisiana and are moving to Austin, Texas the minimum could be two days.
  4. In addition to the distance your trailer must travel there is another very large factor that plays into your transit time: linear feet used. Let's say you have completely loaded a 53' tractor trailer, obviously your transit time will be much closer to the first anticipated delivery date because the truck has no other deliveries to make. If you only used 6' on the other hand, your transit times will be longer and your delivery date may be towards the end of your window. It's also important to account for the other people moving on the same truck, how much space they have and where they are relocating to.

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