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How to Lighten Your Load Before a Move

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Moving is one of the most stressful life changes a person can undergo. In fact, moving is often listed as one of the top most stressful life events among Americans today, right alongside death of a loved one, divorce and job loss.

Although moving will come with several difficult obstacles to overcome, there are ways to approach this challenging task to make it less of a burden. One of the easiest ways to limit your moving stress is by limiting the amount of items you have to move in the first place. The following list provides helpful tips on what you can leave behind to reduce your load, both physically and mentally.

Appliances – Take Them or Leave Them?

Depending on how old your major appliances are it may be more beneficial for you to leave your existing ones behind. Moving can be expensive enough as it is, so who wants to spend even more on new appliances after arriving at their new home? Well, consider the benefits: First, the cost savings on your move. Since relocation expenses are typically measured by the amount of space or weight required it only makes sense to use as little space as possible. Secondly, while investing in these essential devices might be a bit of a strain on your budget at first, newer and more advanced appliance models often come with money-saving benefits. Through the Energy Star program, owners of energy efficient appliances may be eligible for a significant tax credit. Essentially, it provides homeowners with the incentive to utilize energy saving products as they’ll owe less on taxes the following year. Energy saving appliances also have a lower cost of ownership since they use less energy.

Bigger items First

The less space you use, the lower your relocation expenses will be. You will want to start saving space by looking for items in your home that take up the most space and eliminating them first. For example, is your office chair coming apart at the seams and constantly squeaking each time you move? It may be time to set it on the curb for heavy trash day. If some of your larger items are worn out but salvageable, try calling a local charity to ask if they can pick up the donated items. If you have unwanted items that may have value, consider selling them.

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Dispose of Disposables

It might seem obvious, but you’ll likely find that some items are not really worth moving – especially if they are difficult to move yourself or easily replaceable. Hygiene and cleaning items, like toothbrushes, razors and sponges are designed for short term use and should probably be tossed out before the big move. Other items, such as air filters, can be difficult to move and are also easily replaceable. Since these items may be needed on a daily basis, be sure to pick up a few essentials at a convenience store or other nearby shop as soon as your settle into your new place.

Organize & Label

Once you've gotten rid of everything you don't need, you can make packing easier by organizing effectively and putting helpful labels on all of your boxes and other storage containers. If possible, recruit friends and loved ones to help out and lighten the burden. If your friends and family are suddenly too busy and unavailable to help, give MovingLabor.com a call. MovingLabor.com can provide you with hourly moving help for packing, moving heavy furniture, loading and unloading.

Following these tips will keep your stress levels low during this hectic time and allow you to get a fresh start in your new home.

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