By Brandon on Dec 30 2011
Category: Moving Tips

Make Moving Affordable With Moving Labor Discounts

Our Facebook and Google+ discounts have expired. To find our most current promotions please view our discounts.

We love saving money and we would be willing to bet that you do to. That's why we felt compelled to tell you about our two new, super easy and unrestricted discount offers. Simply "Like" us on Facebook or add us to your Circles on Google+ and save $5 on any of our services. And because these offers don't have any restrictions you can redeem both to save $10 on any service. These discounts may not be huge money savers but let's face it, redeeming either (or both) of these offers probably won't take you much more than 30 seconds. According to Benjamin Franklin, "A penny saved is a penny earned", If that's the case you can save a whopping 10,000 pennies!

To read more about these nifty promotional offers head over to our discounts section. While you're there you can check out other discounts for rental trucks, home services and other moving-related products.

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