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Most Affordable Retirement Cities in 2011

Most Affordable Retirement Cities in 2011SmartMoney recently released an article titled "Retire Here, Not There", which showcased several affordable cities for retirement. This year however, they added an additional twist by accounting for the top ranked cities unemployment rate. According to SmartMoney, the average retiree is $30,000 short of their savings goal and may have a need for employment, even if just part time. The 2011 winners were selected on a range of criteria from unemployment rate to median home prices and cost of living.

Rank Location Cost of Living
(Comp to National Avg)
State Tax Median Home $ Unemp. Rate
1 Santa Fe, NM 17.9% Higher 1.7-4.9% $225,852 5.3%
2 Lincoln, NE 6.7% Lower 2.56-6.84% $135,200 3.6%
3 Manhattan, KS 8.9% Lower 3.5-6.45% $152,200 5.9%
4 Portland, ME 10% Higher 2-8.5% $179,500 5.2%
5 Santa Maria, CA 20% Higher 1-9.3% $230,900 8.8%
6 Jupiter, FL 21.3% Higher None $238,200 8.2%
7 Ithaca, NY 30% Lower 4-9% $189,100 5.8%

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