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Moving & Delivery for Small Shipments

Moving and Shipping with Small Shipment or Minimal ItemsAlthough DIY moving and moving help may be gaining awareness throughout the country we have found that many people still have trouble creating a small move. The most common problem we hear from customers is their inability to move and ship a single item or a small number of items outside of their local market. Full service moving companies generally will not quote such a small move and many of the do-it-yourself moving options simply are not affordable after factoring in the price of fuel and all associated costs. Believe it or not, if you need to move a small number of items or even a single item you do have affordable shipping options available to you.

Single Item or Very Small Moves

In 2004 a website was started that solved a logistical issue for eBay users who required their purchases to be shipped. Although many common items are small enough to ship by traditional methods like UPS and USPS, larger items like furniture, boats, and automobiles could not be shipped in an affordable way. Along came uShip which changed the shipping and delivery game by allowing truck drivers and trucking companies to bid on shipments along their routes. From the perspective of the buyer (also called "shipper"), it allowed an affordable relocation option. From the perspective of the trucking company, it created additional revenue that boosted the bottom line and offset fuel costs. Today uShip is a respected marketplace that pairs over 200,000 shipping and delivery companies with customers all over the country.

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Minimal Items & Small Moves

For people with more than one or two items but less than a small household move you may find yourself in a similar situation as described above. The cost of renting a truck and fuel may be far too much for your minimal needs, but there are options available. As outlined in previous posts, a viable relocation option for any do-it-yourself move can be a "You Load, We Drive" freight service. For many of our customers, this service applies to larger household moves, however, it is available to small moves as well. The two primary companies are ABF U-Pack and Broadway Express, each requiring a very reasonable 4-6' minimum. This minimum amount of space is likely the most affordable option for multiple item small moves when compared to the cost of DIY moving.

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