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Your Complete Moving Checklist: Get Ready for Moving Day

If the thought of moving day keeps you up at night, then it’s time to use our complete checklist. Don’t let mountains of boxes, unorganized kitchenware, and a looming moving day cause you to stress out. Here’s your moving checklist for weekly tasks, moving hacks, and pro packing tips.

Complete Moving Checklist: 8 Weeks of Moving

Your ticket to a stress-free, or at least low-stress, moving day is to plan ahead. Take eight weeks to find packing help and loading help to sail through your upcoming move.

You may not need a full eight weeks to pack your belongings and head to a new address. This timeline gives you room to have a garage sale and contact movers to ensure a smooth process. It’s helpful to start early if you’re looking to relocate during a peak moving season but check through these tasks as soon as possible if you’re short on time.

Week 1: Make a Game Plan

Whether you love the thought of a color-coordinated moving binder or aren’t interested in planning anything beyond breakfast, it’s essential to have a game plan for your move. Moving across the country, state, or street involves many moving parts, so it’s best to know ahead of time what to expect. Your binder may look empty now, but it’s soon going to be packed with important documents, phone numbers, and dates.

Here are some other important steps to take as you prepare for your move:

Week 2: Reach Out to Professional Movers

Now that things are getting real, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Professional movers can make a cross-country move look like a piece of cake. Get a few quotes from reputable moving companies and ask what services are included. Some companies include packing materials, labor, truck rental, and unpacking services, while others require you to pay extra for these tasks.

Here are some other tasks to complete this week:

Week 3: Order Supplies and Spread the Word

It’s time to commit to hiring movers in your area to ensure you have assistance before the big day. If your moving services don’t include moving boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing supplies, this is a good time to order those as well.

Don’t forget to check off these other moving checklist tasks for week three:

Week 4: Plan a Garage Sale

One look at your old home, and you’ll probably realize that you have a lot of stuff. Not everyone is in this category, but people typically have many items that aren’t convenient to move out or aren’t being used. Save time and money by donating, selling, or using up things rather than packing them.

Review these other moving checklist tasks this week:

Week 5: Get Packing

This week is the week to start packing items you don’t use often. Think of anything you don’t need during the next month and pack it up. This can include off-season clothing, kitchen items you don’t use a lot, home decor items, and books.

You should also take on these tasks:

Week 6: Handle the Housing Details

Leaving a home and moving to a new one means contacting utility providers, post office, child care, old and new school, and home services. Take this week to notify anyone you may have forgotten about your upcoming relocation.

You should also go through this week six moving checklist:

Week 7: Check Out Your New Home

If you have the opportunity, revisit your new home this week to go over some details you probably didn’t think about when you first purchased it or signed the renter’s agreement. Make a game plan for your new furniture arrangement. Review your window treatments and other home decor to see if you need to order any new items to decorate your new property.

Here are some other tasks to check off the list as you prepare your new house:

Week 8: Vacate the Premises

It’s time to make your old home ready for the new owners or tenants. Leave a good impression by cleaning your old home and packing up the final items left. Request an estimate from a professional cleaner or roll up your sleeves and scrub those surfaces yourself.

Remember to take on these tasks as well:

Moving Day: Last-Minute Prep

Take the first few moments of the day to do a final walk-through of your home. This is a good way to officially say goodbye to your home and make sure you haven’t forgotten any last-minute thing. If you’ve covered the entire checklist before your moving date, then you have plenty of time to check a few more things this important day:

Post-Moving Week 1

After eight weeks of organizing, packing, and cleaning, the first week in your new home may feel surreal. Thankfully, you should have packed a suitcase for the first week, including clothes and toiletries. Take your time to unpack those moving boxes, organize, and clean as you prepare to explore your new home.

Consider these tasks as well to get situated in your new neighborhood:

Save Time and Money With

From the decision to move to moving day, use this weekly moving checklist to ensure smooth sailing from your old home to your new home. Contact to see how you can enjoy a convenient moving service at an affordable price.

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