By Brandon on Mar 30 2022
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Moving Hacks: Packing Tips and Tricks to Make Moving Easier

Packing up your belongings doesn’t have to involve stress, broken items, mountains of boxes, and a disorganized mess. Check out these moving hacks to tackle downsizing, packing, moving, and unpacking like a pro. See how these simple tips and strategies can make moving easier, whether you’re headed across town or across the country.

Downsizing Tips to Make Moving Easier

Before you bust out your moving hacks and pack like a pro, consider ways to downsize your stuff. This is especially important if you’re moving into a smaller home or apartment.

What Stuff Should You Downsize?

Check out these moving hacks to find areas where you may be storing unnecessary or unused items in your old house:

What Do You Do With All That Stuff?

Whether you’ve found a few items or have piles of unwanted belongings, here are the basic packing tips to reduce the amount of stuff you’ll take.

Packing Tips

Don’t run out and buy hundreds of moving boxes. Save yourself time and money during the moving process by using these packing hacks to reduce the number of boxes you need.

Where Can You Find Free Moving Boxes?

Picking up and relocating your entire life may not be free, but your moving boxes can be. Here are some great places to find free boxes to store your stuff:

How Can You Save Time and Space While Packing?

Make moving easier with the right strategies to pack your stuff. You’ll find you need fewer boxes than you thought and be able to unpack easier with these moving tips:

Moving Day Hacks: With or Without Movers

It’s time for the big day. If you’ve been using all these moving hacks, then your moving day shouldn’t be a major stressor. Use these last-minute tips to sail your way through the final day of your move:

How Can You Keep Track of Your Boxes?

These moving hacks are all about saving time and effort when you get to your new place:

What Should You Leave Unpacked Before Moving Day?

Don’t wait until moving day to discover you’ve packed all your clothes, toilet paper, and other essentials. Set these items to the side to ensure a smooth traveling and unpacking experience:

Discover More Packing Tips With

Combine these moving hacks with a DIY moving strategy to save 40-60%. See how it works and explore more packing tips with

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