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Pro Tips for Moving In Winter

Moving in the winter can be tricky; it's cold so you want to just snuggle inside with your cat (wishful thinking), and the probability of inclement weather is high. But, there is a huge upside to a winter move: you are almost guaranteed to get a great deal on movers. This is because you are moving in the offseason when there is less demand.

Keep in mind, much like a move during the summer, you'll need to plan accordingly to have a successful move. But, if you have decided to move during the winter, don’t you worry- we’ve got some trusty tips up our sleeves, and we're going to share them with you.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

It's that time of the year again when the days are getting shorter and colder. With limited daylight, it’s best to schedule your move early in the morning. For local moves, this allows you to load and unload while taking advantage of the most comfortable temperatures and daylight.

Ice Ice Baby

The rear of a moving truck with the door open on a cold snowy day

If your move is in Florida you can skip this section. In fact, you can use this time to relax with a cocktail at a beach bar!

On the morning of your move, it’s essential to ensure that your access conditions are clear of any snow, ice, or any winter storm debris. This will not only speed up your move but more importantly, it will keep you, the movers, and any friends or family that are helping with the move safe.

It is also suggested to check with your city to see if they have a snowplow schedule. A little bit of planning can prevent your truck from being in a permit or restricted zone, which could cost you an expensive ticket or even getting your moving truck towed.

Stay Warm

A snow angel created from cardboard boxes laying in the snow

Since people will constantly be going in and out of the house, you’ll lose heat pretty quickly. The heater will be running endlessly, trying to keep the house warm and wasting energy, which is why turning the heat really low, or even off on moving day would help keep your move cost-efficient. No sense in spending more money on the heat if you can prevent it!

Here are some additional tips to keep you, and everyone around you, warm on moving day:

  • Putting a space heater in a smaller area, like a bathroom, will give you an area that people can warm up during the move. Be sure to follow safe space heater practices, if you opt to do this.
  • Have hot chocolate, coffee, or tea on hand to warm you up from the inside out.
  • If moving in, turn on the utilities at your new home a day or two before your scheduled move to ensure you have power on your move-in day.
  • Have pets? It may be too cold to keep them outside and safely out of your movers way. If you don’t have any friends or family that can temporarily watch them, you may want to put your furry friends in a spare or unused room that you won’t need the movers to go in. Don’t forget to leave them a bowl of water!
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Protect your Possessions

A dog sitting in an empty cardboard moving box

Protection is always key- just ask the crazy cat lady down the street who failed to spay her first cat! Cover your furniture with moving blankets and use plastic wrap on top to prevent any water damage. Keep extra blankets or tarps at hand to quickly cover any boxes or miscellaneous items if it starts to snow or rain mid-move.

Protect your Home

Winter can be pretty, but nevertheless messy. Anyone taking part in the move will be tracking snow, mud, and who knows what else into your home, so protecting only your items from the weather is not enough. Protect your floors from the elements with floor runners and carpet mask. Both are inexpensive options that will keep your floors safe and save you a ton of time.

Be Flexible!

Keep your expectations reasonable. Winter is not the time to expect to complete a full move that is 200 miles apart in one day, Linda! Flexibility during winter months means scheduling in advance but allowing room for unexpected delays. Weather can cause traffic, or even road closures that could keep you at a standstill for days, so ensuring you have a backup plan is essential. Hiring movers for a winter move is a no brainer- the days are shorter, the walkways and roads are icy, so you’ll want professionals that can get the move done as safely and efficiently as possible. To help speed up your move, check out the best ways to prepare for your move before moving day!

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