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Moving Labor Compared to Full Service Moving for Local Moves

Hiring Local Moving Labor Compared to Full Service Moving CompanyIt seems like more and more people these days are choosing a do-it-yourself move option for their long distance relocation, and who can blame them? DIY moving options are reliable, flexible, customizable and most importantly, affordable. But DIY moves are not only for those moving long distance, there are many affordable moving options for local moves too. The bottom line is that local moves are going to cost less than long distance moves, regardless of whether or not you move yourself or hire a full service mover. However, if the overall cost of your move is a factor you can still save 20-50% by moving yourself and hiring moving labor for a local move.

Comparing Costs for a Local Move

Let's cut to the chase and have a look at the numbers and estimated costs. For this example let's assume they are moving within ten miles of their current home and are utilizing a 16' moving truck.

Moving Labor

Service ItemCost
Rental Truck (1 Day) $50
Furniture Pads (3 Dozen) $45
Truck Fuel $15
2 Movers (5 Hours) $409
Total $519

Full Service Moving

Service ItemCost
2 Movers + Truck (5 Hours) $550
Travel Charge $110
Total $660

What we Learned

For this scenario we showed that on a local move you can initially save $141 or 21.36% by moving yourself. You may find yourself asking, is it worth the extra effort on my part to save a mere $141? For some people the answer is "no", the additional time and effort is not worth the initial savings. For others however, the savings may be far greater. This is because most full service movers have lots of additional fees and charges for things that are included or not required with moving labor. [Related: Moving Labor to Full Service Moving Comparison]

Tips for Dealing with Full Service Movers

  • Most full service moving companies have lots of additional fees for things like access conditions. You may find yourself paying extra if you have stairs or an elevator. You will likely be subject to an additional fee if you have a long carry (75' or greater from the truck to the home).
  • Full service moving companies usually have lots of specific requirements for fragile or special care items. Most will not move your TV without it being crated (by them) or any items that are not boxed.
  • Need furniture assembled or disassembled? Most full service movers charge additional for this service.

If we've said it once we've said it a thousand times, every move is unique. Completing a local do-it-yourself move may be the right solution for you, but it may not. The most important thing to do is to compare pricing for moving services in your local area.

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