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Top Places To Get Free Moving Boxes

If you are preparing to move then you probably have a lot of packing ahead of you, which means you are likely hunting for free moving boxes. We support any activity that is environmentally friendly and encourage you to save as many boxes as possible. To help you in this endeavor we've put together a list of the top places where you can find used moving boxes, often for free.

Office Buildings

A white 4-story office building with lots of windows

Start your hunt at your office building, or a building that friends work in. A typical office building will have hundreds of packages delivered each day, which means there are plenty of boxes laying around.


A pile of Amazon boxes sit on a doorstep

How many of your neighbors receive packages from Amazon on a daily basis? If your neighborhood is anything like mine then it's probably a lot of them. Make the rounds in your neighborhood and gather up all of those empty Amazon boxes.

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Trash Room

A trash room in a large building with several trash bins

Apartment complexes and condo buildings always have people moving in and out, not to mention all of the packages that get delivered. Check the trash room or recycling area and you'll likely discover a treasure trove of boxes, many should be in great condition and can be reused.

Cardboard Box Dumpster

A green cardboard box dumpster with trees in the background

Nearly every shopping center, office building and apartment complex will have a cardboard box dumpster. Many of these dumpsters will have clean boxes in good enough condition that they can be used for moving.

Community Websites

A screenshot of a Craigslist landing page with an arrow pointing at the free stuff link

Local, community oriented websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Freecycle are great places to look. You can usually find people who are giving away free boxes, many of them are actual moving boxes.

Recycling Center

A large white recycling dumpster sits in a parking lot with trees in the background

Locate your county recycling center and hop in the car, because these places are a gold mine for cardboard. Most collection centers still sort their recyclables into separate bins, so you should be able to find plenty of clean boxes suitable for moving.

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