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Relocation Guide: Moving to Atlanta

Looking to move to a city brimming with opportunities? Atlanta might just be for you. This big shot spot has the 5th largest metropolitan population in the United States, totaling more than 5.5 million people. Ranked on Forbes as the 9th best city for business and careers, you’ll find top company names like Delta, Coca-Cola and Home Depot headquartering here. With opportunities for career growth and fun times all around, those of you who love to work and play hard will thrive in Atlanta.

Atlanta At A Glance

  • Rich city culture and history
  • Widely competitive career opportunities
  • Many famous attractions
  • Trails and events for outdoorsmen
  • Above average cost of living


Atlanta Fortune 500 Companies MapBecause Atlanta houses so many businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, you can find employment opportunities in every direction. Whether you’ll actually land those opportunities might require some hard-earned skill and backbone, though.

According to 2016 numbers from Thumbtack, the most competitive careers in the big A right now include web development, marketing, writing and photography. Since Thumbtack took its information from over 20,000 professionals in Atlanta, we’ll trust its research.

On the flipside, if you’re an aspiring land surveyor, you might just hit the jackpot by moving to Atlanta. Since the city is always expanding to serve its millions of residents and big businesses, land surveyors seem to be in high demand.

Alongside this career, you also see an abundance of opportunities as an instructor, especially in horseback riding, swimming or golf. On the more business side, some top-paying careers are management, engineering and law.

Diverse Culture

Atlanta owes part of its diverse culture to its history, namely as the hometown of Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, Atlanta tourists and locals visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site as one of the most popular attractions in the city. Within the site, you can visit the place he was born, the church he pastored and a wonderful scenic garden and monument.

But the city didn’t stop its cultural richness at the foot of King’s home. You can also find this rich culture in its music, finding new hip-hop artists off the streets and showcasing a variety of top-notch music at events like Music in the Park Atlanta.

Plus, if you’re craving some cultural cuisine, try favorite outlets like Buford Highway for some not-so-southern food. On the artistic side, the city of Atlanta encourages street artists to paint, and artists from all over can join in the annual Living Walls, the City Speaks conference. Not only does Atlanta have a variety of cultures and tastes, it embraces and showcases it all over the city.

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Cost of Living

One slight downside to living in Atlanta is the above average cost of living. Renting a studio apartment within the city can cost around $1,000-$1,200, a hefty amount if you’re coming from lesser known cities. If you’re looking to buy a home, the average sale price you can expect would be over $200,000 for a 2- or 3- bedroom.

At the same time, other costs such as utilities can come in lower than the national average, and the average Atlanta salary totals over $60,000 per year. These factors balance the city’s overall cost of living to only a small percentage above the national amount.

Famous Food

In a spot where business executives and celebrities live and dine daily, you could only expect some of those dining outlets to gain a name too. Atlanta is home to the largest drive-in fast food restaurant called The Varsity, where you can eat scrumptious chili burgers, onion rings and slaw dogs.

If you’re thirsty for a famous drink, try visiting the World of Coca-Cola, located in the heart of the city. Here, you can sip different flavors of Coke while learning about its history and factory process. You can even take your picture with the Coca-Cola polar bear!

Would you love eating at restaurants where celebrities have dined? Try The Shed at Glenwood, where Sandra Bullock stopped during The Blind Side, or Ecco, where Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde filmed The Change-Up. Either way, you’ll be tasting some fine flavors and enjoying a celebrity thrill at the same time.

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