By Brandon on Mar 04 2011
Category: Moving Tips

Rising Fuel Costs and Your DIY Move

Between March 2010 and March 2011, gas prices rose an average of $0.77 per gallon of unleaded fuel. Political issues in the middle east were driving factors behind these increases. While today's fuel costs aren't as high as they were back then you can still spend a lot of money on rental truck fuel.

In addition to the rising fuel costs, the spring and summer are the busiest times of the year for moving which means higher demand and prices for truck rentals, household freight, and storage. It's highly unlikely that any additional money spent on fuel will be recouped elsewhere within your moving budget due to the rise in prices for these items. Ultimately, cost savings will need to come from unexpected areas such as reduced costs for packing materials and higher MPGs from smart and efficient driving. We've outlined several cost-saving tips for your do-it-yourself move that will help you cut costs, reduce waste and move efficiently.

Check out our rental truck fuel calculator! Enter a few details and we will tell you how much you should expect to budget for fuel costs.

Cutting costs at the pump isn't the only way to achieve savings during your move. One big-ticket item that you can eliminate (in most cases) is wardrobe boxes. You will typically see these boxes for sale at prices upwards of $20 per box! For many of us, wardrobe boxes are not just unnecessary but a huge waste of space. Instead of wardrobe boxes consider this: (or watch our video tutorial) Bunch 15-20 items together, then rubber band or zip tie the base of the hangars. Next, cut a small hole in the bottom of the trash bag and then place the trash bag over the clothes (open side is facing down). Slip the hangars through the hole you made and then tie the bottom of the trash bag, voila! Your clothes are now protected, you've saved money and reduced waste.

Although wardrobe boxes may not be necessary other packing materials will be. You can save a ton of money by looking for used boxes around town. Check out our top places to get free moving boxes and 6 places to get free moving boxes guides to know where you can find used boxes.

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