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Short Notice Moves

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Many times the need to get movers at the last minute is unavoidable, often a result of the originally scheduled movers not showing up or family and friends backing out. While unfortunate, many times last minute move requests cannot be accommodated due to previously scheduled moves. The best way to avoid a last minute scramble to find movers is to make sure you have selected the right company, or in the case of family and friends, to make sure they are reliable. Here are some tips to help you avoid an emergency move situation.

Trust Your Gut

If you have booked a moving company but something seems off, chances are it is. While many moving companies are reputable there are also many who simply will not show up. Make sure you have checked their reviews and confirmed with them at least 48 hours prior to your move date. Remember, if you are unsure whether or not they will show up your best bet is to cut ties and book with a company you know will be there.

Family & Friends

We see this scenario often in the moving labor industry and as sad as it is, it does happen. The bottom line is nobody likes moving, not even movers. Friends and family "hired" to help you move will many times back out at the last minute leaving you without any help at all. Alleviate this possibility by hiring moving labor for just a few hours, this way if your friends and family don't show up at least you have movers already booked. And if they do show up they will be happy to know they have less work to do.

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Reserve an Estimated Moving Date

Unsure of when you will actually be moving? Believe it or not this is very common and many times people will wait until just a few days prior to book movers. If you have an ABF U-Pack, freight trailer or storage container you may have estimated dates for delivery, this is okay! Instead of waiting schedule your moving labor for your estimated date, essentially your best guess as to when the shipment will arrive. Once the date gets closer and you know more about your delivery dates you can reschedule the movers to fit your needs.

Be Flexible

If all else fails and you still need movers at the last minute be flexible. Many moving companies will be willing to schedule you in at the first available time slot but most of the time that slot is unknown. For example, if you call in requesting same day service at 9:00am and the company advises the first available crew will be sometime between 12pm-4pm you should take it. There is a decent possibility that the movers will get to your site earlier than anticipated but with so many unknowns they must give a large window.

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