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Should I Use a Freight Moving Trailer to Move?

When it comes to a DIY move, there are three ways of transporting and storing your household items: A moving truck (like a U-Haul), a portable storage container (like PODS), or a freight moving trailer (like U-Pack).

In this article we are going to discuss the freight moving trailer option, also sometimes referred to as 'You Load, We Drive' trailers. This guide will help you understand what a freight trailer is, how it works, and when a trailer should be used for your move.

What is a Freight Moving Trailer?

An ABF U-Pack moving trailer sits on a neighborhood street with the trailer ramp out

Typically operated by a freight carrier, a 'You Load, We Drive' moving trailer is a 28' truck that is used for long distance moving. A moving trailer is a very affordable long distance moving option for both large and small moves. Companies operating these moving trailers handle all of the driving, you simply load and unload your household items (or hire professional moving help) and they drive the trailer from your old home to your new one.

How Does a Freight Moving Company Work?

Begin by contacting one of the three major moving trailer companies: ABF U-Pack®, Estes SureMove®, or Old Dominion®. Each company will provide you with a quote for the transportation of your items as well as an estimate of the amount of space you will need, from the minimum of 3 or 4 (depending on the company) to the full 28' trailer.

The company will drop off a moving trailer at your home and (usually) provide you with up to three days to load your items. Once loaded, the trailer will be picked up and driven to your new home, usually arriving in 3-5 business days. You will then unload your items into your new home and the trailer will be taken away.

What are the Benefits of a Moving Trailer?

A freight trailer is one of the most affordable ways to move long distance, and thus, is a major benefit. Trucking companies that rent space on their trailers to people moving can offer affordable rates because they will use the entire 28' trailer, regardless of how much space you actually use. For example, if your stuff only takes up 13 feet of space, the company will use the remaining 15 feet to transport commercial goods. Rest assured that the shipments are separated by a bulkhead (which is essentially a wall) to prevent your items from mixing in with the commercial goods.

Additionally, freight moving companies have very low minimum space requirements, making it a very attractive option for small moves that only need a few feet of space.

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What are the Downsides of Using a Moving Trailer?

Although a very affordable relocation option, freight trailers do have several downsides that you should be aware of.

First, these trailers do not have an air-ride suspension. This basically means there is little shock absorbed and your items are more likely to be rattled around unless they are very carefully secured. You or your moving helpers will need to know how to safely load a freight trailer so that your stuff arrives undamaged.

Second, freight moving companies do not rent moving blankets. Because you cannot rent furniture blankets from these companies you are often forced to spend a significant amount of money buying your own or utilize less effective options, such as bedding and towels. It is important to understand that furniture protection (e.g. moving blankets) is vital to ensuring that your furniture arrives at your new home without damage. Be sure to factor in the cost of furniture padding into your moving budget if you decide to use a freight moving company.

When Should I Use a Freight Trailer for my Move?

A 'You Load, We Drive' moving trailer can only be used for a long distance move. A moving trailer is your best option if you do not want to drive a rented moving truck and if you are able to move into your new home right away without having to store your items temporarily. Typically, if you will need to store your items temporarily your best option is a moving container.

Hire Moving Help to Load and Unload Your Freight Trailer

The most obvious reason that people hire moving help is so that they don't have to do the heavy lifting. And we agree, not having to carry boxes and heavy furniture in the summer heat is a HUGE plus! But there are other reasons to consider hiring movers to load and unload your trailer:

  1. The amount you pay to the freight moving company will primarily be based on how much space you use. By hiring professional movers you will be able to maximize the available space and, ultimately, use less space, saving you money
  2. As we've already mentioned, moving trailers have a spring ride suspension and your household items are more likely to rattle around during the drive- which could damage your furniture. Professional movers have the expertise to know when and where to use straps and tie-downs, and how to best pad and wrap your furniture to help reduce the risk of damage. Don't forget- you'll need to have moving blankets available for the movers that are loading your trailer
  3. Your friends don't want to help you move

Learn more about hiring movers to load your moving trailer and see why it's both beneficial and affordable. You can compare and hire local moving helpers online or by contacting Customer Support at (888) 354-8303.

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