By Brandon on Mar 15 2013
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Summer Moving Tips for 2013

The 2013 moving season looks to be one of the busiest in years. Home values are increasing, sales are rebounding, employers are hiring, the economy is recovering and competition in the moving industry is driving down relocation costs.

Planning ahead is the best way to make sure your move goes smoothly. Hire your movers and reserve your rental truck or portable storage unit as far in advance as possible. Be aware of your moving dates - do they fall at the end or beginning of the month? On a holiday weekend?

In addition to the already anticipated busy season, 2013 has another obstacle for would-be-movers: Unusual calendar alignments. Here's the skinny - The last weekend and the first weekend of every month are commonly the busiest times to move. When the last weekend and first weekend are the same (For example: Friday May 31st, Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd) the demand for moving services on those dates increase significantly.

So why is 2013 different from any other year? Because there is an unusually high number of last weekend and first weekend combinations during peak months (as shown below).

March: Friday 3/29, Saturday 3/30, Sunday 3/31
May: Friday 5/31, Saturday 6/1, Sunday 6/2
June: Friday 6/28, Saturday 6/29, Sunday 6/30
August: Friday 8/30, Saturday 8/31, Sunday 9/1

In summary, if you plan on relocating during the peak moving season this year be sure to plan well in advance, especially if your moving dates were listed above.

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