Get Paid to Move to Another State in 2020

Working from home always sounded like a dream- and recently it became a reality for many. Before 2020, popular companies like Amazon and Enterprise were already filling work from home positions. Now, since the coronavirus pandemic, it has without a doubt increased the demand and changed the workforce for years to...
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Moving & Delivery for Small Shipments

Although DIY moving and moving help may be gaining awareness throughout the country we have found that many people still have trouble creating a small move. The most common problem we hear from customers is their inability to move and ship a single item or a small number of items outside...
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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Moving Truck?

Renting a moving truck is one of the most affordable ways to move. Commonly referred to as a do-it-yourself (DIY) move, a rental truck is a great option for both local and long distance moves. Although rental truck pricing is relatively simple to understand, there are also a lot of misconceptions...
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How to Move with Your Flock of Chickens

What the FLOCK?! Before we start, I want to explain that when we're using the word "flock", we are referring to backyard chickens. The tips provided are not applicable for commercial poultry, but these tips can be used when you're moving with any backyard poultry.With living in Ohio and 50% of...
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How to Move Cross Country for Cheap

Moving cross country is challenging, exhilarating, and stressful, but it can also be extremely rewarding.Once you’ve decided to move, take the hassles as opportunities. You get to:Reduce clutterPrioritize important things in your lifePractice a DIY lifestyleWith big moves, it’s tempting to pick up a credit card, call full-service movers and have...
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Why Use A Portable Storage Container?

The majority of us planning a do-it-yourself move will have three primary options when it comes to transportation and storage: A rented moving truck, a portable storage container or a 'You Load, We Drive' freight trailer. Today we're looking at the storage container option, helping you understand what a portable storage...
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How to Schedule Movers With An Unknown Delivery Time

Many times throughout the week we are asked, How do I schedule my movers if I don't know when my stuff will arrive? Certainly not an uncommon problem for people who choose to complete a DIY move. For those of you who have chosen a "You Load, We Drive" moving company...
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DITY Moving for Military

The acronym 'DITY' stands for "Do-it-Yourself" but is most commonly used by military personnel in reference to an upcoming self-move. The U.S. Government will provide military personnel with relocation services at no cost to the service member through two service options:Complete a full service move through Schedule 48 which the government...
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Should I Use a 'You Load, We Drive' Moving Trailer to Move?

As we've previously reviewed, you have three primary transportation and storage options when it comes to a do-it-yourself move: A rented moving truck, a portable storage container (POD), or a 'You Load, We Drive' moving trailer. Today we are going to discuss the 'You Load, We Drive' moving trailer option, helping...
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