How to Declutter and Sell Your Stuff Before You Move

There’s a perennial decluttering trend; Americans, specifically, have a particular affinity for creating and holding onto clutter. We are so addicted to clutter that we created a name for organization experts, called ‘Gurus’ . People like Peter Walsh (7 Secrets of a Master Organizer) , Marie Kondo (The Life Changing Magic...
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Deciding What Property to Take When Moving

Moving is an event that most people experience during their lives. While transitioning to a new house or apartment is an exciting time and something to cherish, it is also a complicated process. It is important to relax and enjoy the journey, but there are decisions along the way that can...
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Organize and Declutter Before Moving

From small moves to large ones every move is different. Probably the only thing that most moves have in common is time , and lots of it. Face facts, moving is a time consuming and stressful necessity for just about everyone, from the college student moving into a dorm room to...
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