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Tips for Moving During the Summer

Summer Moving TipsThe United States Census Bureau confirms that the summertime is indeed the busiest time of the year for household moving. The US Census Bureau shows that 48.4% of all moves annually take place between June and September, and another large chunk taking place in May. This means that each year around 65% of all household moves take place in these five months, leaving 35% of moves to occur in the remaining seven months. The moral of this story: Plan ahead if you are going to be relocating between May and September.

To help you plan your summer move we have outlined some tips that will increase your chances of success and reduce your overall moving costs:

  1. Weekends and the ends of the month are the busiest times to move no matter what season it is, if you have flexibility in your relocation plans then try to move on a weekday or during the middle of the month. If possible avoid Memorial Day Weekend (the 2nd busiest moving weekend of the year) and the last weekend in July (the busiest moving weekend of the year).
  2. Rental truck prices as well as portable storage and freight services are based on supply and demand. Although the prices will always be higher in the summer than in the winter your pricing may be much lower if you book in advance. Most of these companies do not require a deposit to reserve their services so it can only benefit you in the long run. Take your savings further by using our truck rental discounts with Budget Truck Rental and Penske Truck Rental.
  3. While the average person makes their moving labor reservation only 8 days in advance, you should consider making your reservation much earlier. This is especially true for customers moving on the last weekend of the month or on a holiday weekend such as Memorial Day.
  4. Resources for moving can be scarce during the summer months so have a contingency plan and confirm often. When reserving a truck rental many times customers will also reserve furniture padding, these pads are extremely important for your move. Although pads are reserved online most truck rental companies do not track the quantity of their pads available and can sell out before you arrive to pick up your truck. Make sure you call the location where you will be picking your truck up at and speak with a manager, make sure he/she is aware of how many pads you need so that they can order them from corporate if they do not have them in stock.
  5. If you are utilizing a freight service such as ABF U-Pack or Broadway Express make sure you allow a buffer between the time you schedule your movers and the anticipated arrival of your trailer. Let's face it, delivery windows for most carriers are often incorrect and can be frustrating if you do not allow a buffer. If the freight company has provided you with a window of 8am-12pm for delivery you should not schedule movers until at least 1pm, even later if possible.

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