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Tips for Preparing a College Move-In or Move-Out

Moving Help for College Student MovesSpring is almost upon us, and if you are a college student, it probably means that you are getting ready to move, whether you will be living in a college dorm or an apartment off-campus. If you plan on hiring moving labor to help load or unload your moving truck or POD, then now is a great time to start getting quotes and scheduling movers. Regardless if you are hiring movers, or if you are moving yourself into the dorms, it is always a great idea to be as prepared as possible and plan ahead.

Many colleges tend to be outside major cities

For example, Virginia Tech is in Blacksburg, Virginia, which is about an hour from Roanoke, the closest city from which most moving companies will dispatch. Other large universities, like Penn State, Purdue University and the University of Alabama, are also at least an hour from most local moving companies. It is imperative to schedule your moving labor help early if you will be moving to/from a college campus that is outside of a major city.

College move-in and move-out dates overlap with peak moving season

Major move-in and move-out times for college students are in May and August. Since these two months are prime moving months, and already busy for movers, it becomes increasingly more difficult to schedule movers, and moving trucks if needed, especially if a large number of students will be looking in the same area for the same time period.

Limited move-in/move-out times at colleges

Many colleges have specific dates and times that you can move-in or move-out, so you have to be sure to plan everything around this very specific time-frame. This means that if you are not very flexible in terms of scheduling, then your movers will have to arrive at a very specific time. The less flexible you are, the harder it is to schedule service. For example, if you wanted moving services on a peak moving date, you would have a greater likelihood of finding a mover with availability if you were flexible and were open to movers arriving at any time throughout the day, versus being limited to say, only 9am.

Scheduling early is always a good idea

Just remember, it's never too early to schedule your college moving labor help. For your convenience, MovingLabor.com offers no fee rescheduling options in the event that your move date or time changes. So take a moment to request a quote online or contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 to discuss moving solutions for your upcoming college move.

Back-to-school for college students is already a very stressful time, requiring a ton of things for preparation, so think how great it will feel to have your moving help reserved and one more task crossed off your list.

Good luck and enjoy the best time of your life!

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