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US States With the Most Millionaires

US States With the Most Millionaires in 2011It seems like every time we post new rankings about the best places to live the Washington D.C. area comes out on top. No, we're not biased to the DC area (although we were founded in Maryland in 2004), instead our encouragement lies in the DC Metro's consistent ability to saturate the rankings. Just last week we published "Americas Best and Worst Housing Markets" in which Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia dominated with 9 of the top 25 best home markets. We should also point out that neither MD, DC or VA had a single city listed on the top 25 worst markets.

Prior to those rankings we blogged about the Washington D.C. area winning 12 of the top 25 spots on the "Richest Counties in the US" list. The pro-DC area theme continues this week as Maryland (1st), Virginia (7th) and Washington D.C. (10th) all made the "US States with the Most Millionaires" list published by Phoenix Marketing International. Interestingly enough, the 2010 rankings are almost identical to 2011 except Maryland, previously 2nd, replaced Hawaii in the #1 spot.

Top 10 States with the Most Millionaires (2011)

2010 Rank 2011 Rank State
2 1 Maryland
1 2 Hawaii
3 3 New Jersey
4 4 Connecticut
5 5 Massachusetts
6 6 Alaska
7 7 Virginia
8 8 New Hampshire
9 9 California
10 10 Washington D.C.

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