By Kay Fitz on Apr 18 2019
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Van Life: #LifeHacks on the Road

Life on the road can be tricky- whether you’re trying to figure out how to secure everything so that items don’t scatter around while traveling, or maybe you’re trying to figure out ways to organize all of your stuff efficiently- lots of these tricks are typically on a ‘learn as you go’ basis. I wanted to give you a head start on successful vandwelling, so I’ve provided some #VanLife hacks for efficient living.

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Storage & Organization

An overlooked key to Van Life happiness is to be sure that you are organized and make use of all of the empty and awkward spaces available for storage. You may think that small, awkward shaped space is just space wasted, but look closer and be creative. Some ideas:

Clean Up & Hygiene

With limited water sources, staying clean can be tough on both you and the van. There’s no doubt you’ll need to test out a few tricks out before finding a ‘normal process’ for you, but hopefully the following will help give you a head start:

Kitchen, Food, & Water

Efficiency in the ‘kitchen’ is important. When it comes to living and eating in a van, there’s no room from excess. You need food and water, but don’t have much storage space or cooking appliances, so what do you do? If you get creative, you’d be surprised at how much you can actually store and cook in a van kitchen! Plus, I’m sure you’d get sick of just eating noodles in a cup & PB& J’s 24/7. The low down:

Gas Saving

Vandwellers typically spend more on gas than the average person, so taking advantage of ways to save is important! Some tips to save money on gas guzzlers:

Mail Options

Without a permanent address, how do you receive mail? Do you have to stop using Amazon Prime?!?! DEAL BREAKER.  Lol, but not really. Although you should minimize buying random stuff due to lack of storage, there are still ways to receive mail while living on the road:

Pet Friendly

But what about the puppers?! We all want to keep the ‘road pets’ comfortable, happy, and safe, so here are some best practices:

The Other Stuff

I have more tricks up my sleeve to make your van life easier:

The More You Know

So now that you have some tips & tricks of the #VanLife game, are you ready to put it all to action? I’m sure you’ll learn your own #vanlifehacks along the way, so feel free to let us know any that we missed. Just visit our Facebook page and give us a shout!

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