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Trusted Moving Company: 'Verified' Badge

Moving Companies Displaying Supplier Verified BadgeIn March 2014 we officially gave permission to our active moving company vendors to use our Supplier 'Verified' badge for display on their website. If you're a consumer shopping for a reputable moving company, you may have come across this badge and are wondering what it means. Let's first help you understand what a Supplier is and why we verify them.

What is A Moving Company Supplier?

MovingLabor.com provides moving labor help nationwide to more than 23,000 customers each year. It would be nearly impossible to affordably staff and service every move with our own employees, so we rely on our approved Suppliers and licensed locations (similar to a franchise) to fulfill those obligations. A Supplier is essentially an independent local moving company that specializes in moving labor and is contractually obligated to our policies and procedures.

What Does the Badge Represent?

Verified Moving Company BadgeThe Supplier 'Verified' badge is intended to portray that the moving company is one of the best and most trusted in the area. As you'll read in a moment, we take our Supplier application process very seriously and we approve only the highest quality moving companies.

What Does 'Verified' Mean?

Our Supplier Management team thoroughly investigates every independent moving company that submits an application to provide moving services for us. This process often takes at least a week, sometimes even longer. The team tasked with reviewing Supplier applications must verify that the company meets a range of requirements before considering approval. Even companies that meet our requirements can still be declined if we feel that they don't share our company values.

A 'Verified' moving company has met the following criteria:


We require proof of general liability insurance with a minimum coverage amount of $500,000. However, most companies maintain a minimum of $1,000,000. We further verify that the insurance coverage is current and we track the coverage expiration date, requiring a renewed policy prior to the expiration date.


We research the moving company to determine if they have a track record of customer satisfaction and reliability. Eligible applicant companies must have a minimum of one year in business, although most have at least five years.

Authorized to do Business

Believe it or not, many movers that advertise themselves as real business are not. We require each moving company to submit proof of their authority to do business in their state which is then independently verified.

Ethical Business Practices

Our core company values represent quality, ethics, integrity and professionalism and we require those same characteristics in a Supplier company. To verify this requirement we interview the primary leadership of every applicant company and assess the characteristics that they possess.

Measuring Performance

The application and approval process is just the first step for our active Suppliers. We internally record, track and measure a variety of performance metrics to ensure that once approved, a Supplier company continues to meet our high standards.

Important Notice About Full Service Movers

MovingLabor.com is a 'labor only' mover. This means that we do not provide a moving truck or any type of transportation. Because of this, we only verify state requirements for a company to provide moving labor services. Our Supplier 'Verified' badge in no way verifies the requirements of a Supplier company to provide a full service move.

If you are hiring a moving company to provide a truck and to transport your items then they are defined as a full service mover. It is recommended that you independently research their legal authority to provide a moving truck and transport your items. Visit the U.S. Department of Transportation for resources to help you find a full service mover.

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