What is the Height Clearance of a Rental Truck?


Height Clearance for Rented Moving TruckIf you're renting a moving truck for your DIY move then you will want to be aware of the height clearance. This is important information to have as some bridges, overpasses and tunnels have a lower height clearance and, if not avoided, can cause significant damage to your moving truck. And, no, truck rental insurance is not likely to cover this type of damage.

General Rules for Truck Height

  1. The DOT mandates that there must be a minimum height clearance between 14' - 16' on major roadways and interstates. You shouldn't have much to worry about if your not venturing off to a rural or historic area
  2. In an instance where a bridge or tunnel has a low clearance you can rest assured that you will be warned often. In these situations you will typically see a sign that tells you where to exit and what alternate route you should take
  3. If you're not sure whether you have enough clearance you should never chance it! Stop immediately and determine if you will fit

It's Not Just Bridges...

Alternate Route Sign for Moving Truck on InterstateIt's pretty rare that you will come across a bridge with a low enough clearance that you will need to take action, especially if you are on an interstate or main road. That's because bridges and tunnels have height regulations to prevent this very problem. What isn't regulated?

  • Fast food drive thru's
  • Bank and ATM drive thru's
  • Building awnings
  • Parking garages
  • Gas station canopies

Factors That Affect Truck Height

The height of a rental truck will vary by a number of factors:

  1. Size
  2. Rental company
  3. Make and model of the truck

Clearance Height by Truck Size

So what is the clearance height of your truck rental? We've outlined the clearance height for the most common rental trucks below.

Truck SizeClearance Height
10 Ft10'
14 Ft10'
16 Ft11' 6"
17 Ft12'
20 Ft13'
22 Ft13' 6"
24 Ft13' 6"
26 Ft13' 6"

Clearance height shown is the maximum reported height clearance for the listed truck size. Your actual clearance may be lower than shown depending on the make/model and rental company.

Refer to the Height Clearance Sticker

The data we have provided should be used as a guideline, the actual clearance height of your specific rental truck may be different. Refer to the specification sticker posted on your rental truck for the most accurate data.

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