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What to Do with Moving Boxes After You Move

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Are you wondering what to do with all those moving boxes after your move is complete? If you're like most people, you probably have a lot of moving boxes leftover after you've unpacked everything at your new home. And if you're anything like me, you might be wondering what to do with them. Well, we've got you covered.

Here are some ideas for what to do with moving boxes after your move:

  1. Save the boxes for a future move
  2. Give them to a friend or family member
  3. Give them away to neighbors
  4. Donate them to a local charity
  5. Reuse your moving boxes
  6. Sell them
  7. Make a pet house for your cat or dog
  8. Recycle them

1. Save them for a Future Move

If you plan on moving again in the future, it's worth hanging onto your boxes. You can either keep them in your new place or put them in storage. Even if you don't save all of your boxes, you should keep any that would be expensive to replace, like wardrobe or TV boxes.

By reusing your boxes, you'll save yourself time and money by not having to purchase new ones when the time comes to move again.

2. Give to Friends or Family

If you know someone who is moving, you can give them your used moving boxes. This is a great way to help them out and save them some money. They will appreciate not having to buy boxes for their move, and you'll be doing a good thing for the environment.

3. Give to Neighbors

One great solution is to give them away to your neighbors! It's a great way to get rid of the boxes quickly, and it's also an amazing opportunity to meet your new neighbors. If you live in an apartment complex, you can ask the property manager to let people know that you have used moving boxes in good condition that you're willing to give away for free.

You may be surprised at how many people are interested in getting their hands on your used moving boxes. And, who knows, you might just make some new friends in the process!

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4. Donate to a Local Charity

If you don't want to sell your moving boxes, you can donate them to a local charity or organization. There are many charities that accept donations of used moving boxes. This is a great way to get rid of your boxes and help out a good cause at the same time.

5. Reuse them in your New Home

Did you know that there are actually a lot of different ways you can reuse your old boxes? Let's look at some creative ways to give new life to your boxes:

Turn them into extra storage space: One of the best ways to reuse your moving boxes is to turn them into extra storage space in your new home. You can use them to store books, blankets, seasonal items, and other items that don't have a place in your new home. Plus, this is a great way to free up some space in your home so you can actually enjoy your new place.

Use them as gift baskets: Another great way to reuse your moving boxes is to use them as gift baskets. You can fill them with all sorts of goodies like chocolates, candles, and even small plants. This is a great way to show your friends and family that you care about them.

Use them as pet beds: If you're moving with pets, then you know that they need a comfortable place to sleep just like we do. So why not use your moving boxes to create pet beds? This way, they'll have their own little space to sleep in and you won't have to worry about them taking over your bed.

Turn them into toy chests: If you have kids, then you know that they always seem to have more toys than they know what to do with. So why not use your moving boxes to create toy chests? This way, they can easily access their toys and you can easily keep your home organized.

Turn them into planters: If you love plants, then you can use your moving boxes to create planters. You can either use them as is or you can decorate them to match your home's décor. Either way, this is a great way to add some life to your new home.

Turn them into a coffee table: If you're looking for a unique coffee table, then why not use your moving boxes? You can either use them as is or you can decorate them to match your home's décor. Either way, this is a great way to add some personality to your new home.

6. Sell them

There is a market for used moving boxes, and you can tap into it to get rid of those boxes and make some extra cash. There are a number of websites where you can sell your boxes, including Craigslist, Letgo, BoxCycle, and NextDoor.

If you're not sure where to start, here are some tips:

  1. Gather up all of the moving boxes you have and determine which ones are in good condition and which ones are damaged.
  2. Research the going rate for used moving boxes. You can check websites like Craigslist and Letgo to get an idea of what people are selling similar boxes for.
  3. Choose a selling platform. Once you know how much your boxes are worth, you can decide whether you want to sell them directly to someone or list them online.
  4. Take pictures of your boxes and create a listing. Be sure to include the condition of the boxes, the price, and your contact information.
  5. Promote your listing. Be sure to share your listing with your friends and family members who might be moving soon.

So, if you're not planning on moving again anytime soon, why not sell your used moving boxes and make some money? It's a great way to declutter your home and make a little extra cash.

7. Make a Pet House for your Cat or Dog

We all know how tough it can be to move to a new home. For us, it's a stressful and daunting task. But for our pets, it can be even tougher. They're leaving behind the only home they've ever known and everything that's familiar to them. So, how can we help our furry friends adjust to their new surroundings?

One way is to make them a pet house out of old moving boxes. Both cats and dogs love to play with boxes, so this will give them something to do while they're exploring their new home. Plus, it'll give them a little bit of space that's all their own.

To make a pet house out of moving boxes, simply stack the boxes up to create a little nook for your pet. You can even use some tape or string to secure the boxes together. Then, add some bedding and a few toys, and your pet will have the perfect spot to call their own.

Moving your pet to a new home is tough for everyone involved. But by making a pet house out of old moving boxes, you can help your furry friend adjust and feel right at home.

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8. Recycle them

If your cardboard moving boxes were damaged during the moving process, consider recycling them. This is a great way to reduce the amount of waste you produce and to help the environment. You can simply break down the boxes and take them to a recycling facility. Alternatively, you can compost them in your back yard or donate them to a community garden project.


As you can see, there are many different things you can do with your moving boxes after you move. You can recycle them, donate them, or even reuse them for future moves. Whatever you do with your moving boxes, make sure to recycle or reuse them so they don't end up in a landfill.

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