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When is Peak Moving Season? [2021]

Peak moving season occurs in the summer, with 80% of all moves in the United States occurring between April and September. Why is summer the busiest time of year to move? While there are several reasons, the main factor is that kids are off from school. When school is out movers are typically in high demand.

Okay, So When is the Best Time to Move?

Certainly not the summer. Your move can cost significantly less if you relocate in non-peak months, which is typically October through March. If you absolutely have to move during the peak moving season then the best time to hire movers is going to be at the very beginning or very end of moving season. Scheduling your movers for early to mid-April or in September after Labor Day is a great way to accomplish this.

Tips for Moving in Peak Season

The best approach when moving during the summer is to book your moving help as far in advance as possible, preferably months in advance. It's important to be aware that all dates, even most weekdays, will be in high demand during this time. You'll find yourself at an advantage if you schedule your movers for the days that are slightly less in demand.

Here are our best tips for moving during peak season to help make your summer move as successful as possible:

  •  June, July, and August are the busiest months
  •  The beginning and end of each month has the greatest demand
  •  Morning time slots are the most desired and first to get booked up
  •  Weekends are the most sought after days for moving
  •  The days surrounding Memorial Day are some of the most in-demand dates during peak season
  •  Schedule at least two weeks in advance, but preferably much further in advance, to have a chance at the best availability options
  •  Dates before Memorial Day and after Labor Day are less busy
  •  Weekdays are busy but have less demand than weekends

Hiring movers in non-peak months will save you money and reduce your moving-related stress.

2021 Moving Season (Heat Map)

The calendar heat map shows how much demand is expected for moving companies during the 2021 peak season. We believe that Saturday, July 31st will be the busiest moving day in 2021.

 Previous Years: 2020  | 2019  |  2018  |  2017
  • Busy
  • Busier
  • Really Busy
  • Super Duper Busy
  • Pandemonium
calendar heatmap showing the demand for moving services each day from April through September 2021

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